How To Automate Your Marketing With GetResponse?

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The recent surge in digital channels and internet-enabled devices has made it challenging for marketers to find and target prospects with the right message and at the right time. In fact, these days, buyers manage the purchases themselves, researching brands, visiting social channels, and shortlisting brands they’d like to buy from without ever talking to a sales rep. 

This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that people are always on the go. These aren’t audiences of the yesteryears that were glued to the TV at primetime every day; now, they carry their entertainment and infotainment with them wherever they go. And that’s why their attention is on a million things a minute, making it very difficult to engage them.

However, there is hope yet. Your marketing campaigns can succeed if you catch prospects at key times and engage them with quality content. 

And when you need to be sure that your marketing collateral is served at the right moment, it’s time to turn to automation tools. 

Thanks to cutting-edge marketing automation platforms like GetResponse, you can now quickly offload time-consuming and monotonous tasks with precision, so you have the time to focus on the core functions of your organization. This also means reduced overheads, increased sales productivity, and the ability to scale your business a lot faster than you thought possible.

80% of businesses that have used marketing automation technology for three or more years report significant gains in customer engagements and revenue. Additionally, as per Sales Fusion, 77% of business leaders saw a rise in conversion rates after using a marketing automation platform. And that explains why marketing automation has become the industry norm. 

Customers connect with businesses through multiple channels, making a robust marketing automation software more of a requirement than an option for growing businesses.

There are plenty of the GetResponse automation tutorials out there, so this will instead be a short guide to GetResponse automation that will answer the following questions:

  • How to create automation with GetResponse?
  • What is automation in GetResponse?

How GetResponse Helps With Marketing Automation?

GetResponse is an all-inclusive marketing tool that allows users to boost sales, create content, and increase website traffic. It is one of the top marketing automation tools businesses use, ranging from small start-ups to large organizations.

Features like email marketing integration, landing pages, and autoresponders allow you to automate necessary tasks and run effective marketing campaigns. On the other hand, the advanced analytics from GetResponse is great for tracking leads, conversions, and ROI.

Here are some ways it can help automate your marketing campaigns: 

  • Set Up Flexible processes. GetResponse enables you to plan flexible processes that facilitate your unique business model
  • Access Actionable information. You can create a scoring model to find quality leads and use the automated tagging function to remember the subscriber behaviors that you want to encourage
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GetResponse: Components Of Marketing Automation Done Right

Marketing automation comprises workflows that reflect the journey and experience of your subscriber. The simplest method of creating a workflow is with a pre-designed template, and you get dozens of those with GetResponse.

Even though using templates is incredibly easy, it is good to familiarize yourself with the building blocks of workflow first to comprehend how they work and tailor them accordingly. Also, it is essential to know that these marketing workflows are modular and stackable, and you can choose one that suits your needs and goals. 

There are three types of building blocks: actions, conditions, and filters. These revolve around a set of conditions, actions, and filters that you can assimilate to stay connected with your audience.

How To Automate Your Marketing With GetResponse

GetResponse is an automated marketing platform that brings together various features. The tool enables you to take several marketing actions such as email marketing, marketing automation, and creating webinars and sales pages.

Let’s explore some of its features that can help you with automation:


This is, above all, an email marketing platform that’s built to help you establish and maintain a relationship with your customers and prospects.

With it, you can smoothly create an automated email sending system to efficiently contact and present your offerings quickly to your potential and existing customers.

Autoresponsers - Automate Marketing Getresponse
Autoresponders Automation Overview - GetResponse

Furthermore, you can also relaunch them at your preferred frequency and convenience.

Create messages for your intended audience and let GetResponse communicate these on time to boost sales. It is a platform designed to help you with your email campaign management, structure them and develop scenarios per your specific target audience.

Email Marketing

GetResponse can help develop customer relations and sales because it offers real visibility into your approach to every action on the platform. 

This enables you to adapt to the behavior and profile of individual users and send them the right message at the appropriate time.

In addition, you can personalize your emails, thanks to the myriad of editable models available on GetResponse and the Shutterstock images that you can access via this platform. 

That way, you can implement targeted communication for every prospect and customer, tailoring the content of your emails to specific needs and dynamics.

Auto Funnel

Auto funnel is a comparatively new feature that helps you create sales funnels in GetResponse. It becomes incredibly straightforward to amalgamate list-building and sales processes. You can create new Facebook Ads, landing pages, launch social media campaigns, promote your products and services, and monitor your conversion rate.

Autofunnels Automation Overview - GetResponse

This tool preconfigures about 30 scenarios designed by professionals that are optimized to help you convert even more leads. The platform guides you through the various stages of the sales funnel - step by step.

Essentially, there are three types of the auto funnel:

  • Prospective funnels to gauge potential buyers, which also creates a list of all new contacts
  • Sales funnels to endorse your services or products online
  • Webinar funnels help you increase your sales and convey in a different way

Leveraging Marketing Automation With GetResponse

According to Forrester, the marketing automation market will reach 25.1 billion dollars globally by 2023. If you don’t have adequate time to handle your email marketing campaign, the marketing automation feature in GetResponse can help you get on top of all related tasks. 

You can use it to create events and build intuitive workflows based on the behavior of a specific user.

For instance, if users abandon their shopping cart instead of checking out, GetResponse can send emails to remind them to complete their purchase.

Alternatively, it can display complementary products to customers who have made a purchase recently. Then, for every action of users, you can trigger a corresponding answer with marketing automation, and GetResponder takes care of the rest

With the help of GetResponse’s lead generation functionality, you can also easily apply filters and add conditions to communicate and deliver your message in a more targeted manner.

GetResponse offers you strategically structured workflow templates for every part of the user journey. You can leverage their templates for marketing automation to attract new customers, retarget them, welcome them, and connect with them.

Wrapping Up

From creating a website to designing web forms, surveys, sending out engaging emails, growing your email list, and enhancing your email marketing efforts,  you can do it all on this unified platform. So whether you are a service-based agency or an ecommerce store owner, GetResponse can effectively help you grow your business.

The flowcharts help identify leads, win back customers, send persuasive and targeted messages to your visitors that abandon carts, trigger subsequent mails, and do so much more.

Additionally, you can also analyze all your data within this platform to understand your audience, allowing you to create relevant and targeted content. This, in turn, increases your conversion rates considerably. If you want to read more about GetResponse and what else it can do for your digital marketing campaigns, check out our comprehensive review of the platform.

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