8 Powerful Ways to Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

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B2B lead generation is an essential part of marketing. It refers to the identification and targeting of potential customers to incite their interest in your product. Lead generation is the basic step before planning that designs your marketing strategies.

Generating leads is not a piece of a cake. It’s not easy and takes a lot of time to generate leads. However, the basic principle of creating leads is pretty simple. Your business must have a website or a landing page that displays your products or services along with their relevant information. This website must be designed by keeping in view the people you want to land here and know about your business. 

Once the people land on your website, you must tell them what to do next. Therefore, for this purpose, use the ‘call to action’ button that must be persuasive for your customers. It must convince your customers to place their trust in you and share their personal information with you so that you can update them about your products or other important announcements.

Making your potential audience land on your website is not always easy. Why would somebody visit your website, when they have no interest in it?

To develop the interest for your potential customers, it is important that you make them aware of who you are and what you do?

B2B lead generation can be done through numerous channels. It can be both online and offline. Email, pay-per-click advertisements, content marketing, cold calling, and of course the social media are some of the common channels for generating leads for the business.

Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

3.81 billion people access social media across the globe and 63% of them actively use it.

Many entrepreneurs do not favor the idea of using social media for lead generation. According to them, social media mainly focuses on the usage of pictures, videos, and infographics. This might not interest the audience towards their brand.

What needs to remember is that more than 40% of the entire world’s population is present there. It gives you the perfect opportunity to arouse the interest of the mass audience in your brand.

You don’t have to worry about finding the audience anymore. You already have an audience and now you only have to make them interested in your brand. Furthermore, using social media to generate leads is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive.

Now, let’s get started! Below are 8 of the best ways to generate leads from social media.

Now that you’re convinced, let’s get started! Here are some of the best ways to start generating leads from social media.

Eight Powerful Ways to Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

1. Optimize Your Business Page Profiles 

The first step to generate leads on social media is by optimizing your business profiles. Your profile should have a convincing call-to-action (CTAs) button. Provide correct, and relevant contact information, your website link, and a few pictures of your products.

Optimize all your social media pages especially the ones mentioned below:

a. Facebook

- Match Business Name with Website URL

It is important to go by the name which reminds your customers about your brand. Having a business profile with another name other than that of a website might confuse your prospects.

Furthermore, when people look for your website on Google, your Facebook page will also be displayed in search results.

- Unique URL

Facebook now allows the entrepreneurs to choose their unique URL for the business page. URLs generated by Facebook are hard to remember and can be easily forgotten by a customer.

Unique URLs can be chosen by the business page after they get at least 25 likes on their page. 

This makes it easier for the customer to remember and look up to you in the future.

- About Page

Another feature that Facebook offers to entrepreneurs is to provide all the relevant information about their business such as an address, number, email, website, etc.

By completing this information you help the visitors to reach you. It also enhances the SEO of the page.

b. Twitter

- Compelling and Inviting Bio

Your Twitter bio should be professional and welcoming. Don’t make the bios funny or cutesy, as it lowers down the professional image of the business. Your profile should be a little bit mysterious which would want people to learn more about you and your brand.

- Profile and Header Images

Your profile picture should match the logo or your brand. More than the name, people find it easier to remember the brand by its logo or trademark. Make sure your profile picture is displayed properly on different devices.

Change your header image frequently according to the campaign you run. For instance, if you have a Christmas sale going on, design a header for it to make people aware of the sale happening on the website.

- Hashtags

According to a study, hashtags used with tweets generate twice the engagement. Make sure you use a few to catch up with your prospective customers.

However, never bombard your tweet with hashtags as it appears spammy.

2. Social Listening

The process of monitoring your prospective audience on social media to gain valuable insights about the industry is known as social listening.

Gone are those days when you had to wait for the audience to come to you. Now, you can assist your prospective audience to come to you. You can take part and join in chats, groups, recommend something, and also guide your customers about the solution that your brands offer for their queries.

Following are the ways to start social listening:

a. Google Alerts

Google sends a notification via email every time a brand’s name, company’s name, products, etc. are mentioned by someone on the web. This helps the entrepreneurs to know what the local public has to say about their brand and its services. 

b. Social Media Management Tool

Purchasing a social media management tool is not necessary. However, it is an investment that can reap many benefits for the business.

Social media management tools can enable the entrepreneur to track the hashtags, analyze its competitor, schedule campaigns, etc.

c. Observe Your Competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitors. Observe their B2B social media strategy and how their customers engage with their content. You can use tools such as SEMrush to track competitors.

3. Gated Content

Another strategy for social media for B2B lead generation is to gate your content. The term gating the content refers to the type of content that is provided after the visitors provide their contact details in exchange for the resources that you are offering. 

Gated content guarantees more lead generation for your brand. If you are successful in getting their email addresses, then you can easily send them to your email marketing list and send out updates and the launch of new products.

4. Social Selling

Social media is majorly used for marketing purposes, but it can also be used to increase your sale.

It shouldn’t matter from where the sale is being made, either from the website or from the business profile on social media. What matters is the sale that has been made by the brand.

Your sales team should be able to answer the queries of the customers regarding the product or service, and they should actively engage with the visitors to increase their interest in your brand.

However, make sure that if one social media platform works for a business, it might not work for you. Therefore, do not rely on only one platform. Try to develop strategies for social selling.

5. Social Leads Ads

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer advanced targeting capabilities at cheaper costs to generate quality leads for your business.

To begin with, you first have to analyze your prospects and develop a buyer profile. Think about who is your ideal buyer? What is his age, profession, status, gender, etc.?

Once you have developed your buyer profile your next step will be to design specific content, create offers or deals, which will target the prospects according to your buyer profile.

6. Giveaways 

Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness and generate leads. People love free items if it is appealing and useful for them.

Host a giveaway by inviting people to share their email addresses or to simply follow you on social media. Make sure that you host the giveaway to attract your targeted audience. Be very specific about the rules and the promotion of your giveaway.

If a large audience doesn’t match your buyer's profile will be futile for you. Instead, if the people who match the buyer persona enter, it will be fruitful for your business and make them aware of the existence of your brand and the solution it offers.

7. Free Trial or Discount Codes

It is easy to compel a visitor to become your customer by offering him a discount or a free trial before they purchase something from you.

Offer a free trial of your product and promote it on all your social media handles. A free trial can generate leads on its own, but by promoting it on social media, you’ll add fuel to the fire to generate more high-quality leads.

You can offer discount codes to your customer if they sign-up for your newsletter. Or if they buy within the next 24 or 48 hours from you. This tactic helps businesses to convert prospective buyers into customers.

8. User-Friendly Landing Pages

After implementing all the above tips, your next step should be to make your visitors happy when they arrive at your website.

Make sure that your landing page is easy to navigate, relevant, and useful. Display all the necessary information on that page that the customer is looking for. Do not tire him by making him jump from one page to another in search of the information he is looking for.

Wrapping it Up

There are innumerable ways to generate leads by using social media. The tips mentioned above are the ones that can be easily implemented and are less expensive, yet they generate high-quality leads for the brands.

Develop a buyer profile for your business. Design your content by keeping the buyer’s profile in your mind and promote it to target prospective customers for your business. And remember, leads will not be generated overnight. Stay consistent and you will reap the fruits of your lead generation strategy.

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