GetResponse: The Benefits Of Using It As A Marketing Automation Tool

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These days, even the simplest marketing strategies deploy several tools and ideas to achieve their goals. From paid ads to email drips and more, a lot goes into a marketing campaign before it can be called a success. 

Simply put, these aren't the good old days when running TV ads and putting up billboards was the height of marketing excellence.  Nowadays, your marketing collateral has to be presented to audiences across the digital realm, on websites, search engines, social media pages, and their own inboxes.

Thankfully marketing automation platforms like GetResponse make it possible for marketers to keep track of all these functions and get the results they need. 

After all, hiring a whole marketing team to deal with all customer touchpoints manually is time-consuming and can be futile. Instead, leveraging marketing automation is the key to your success in the digital era. 

Remember, your audiences have a world of choices available to them, but they don't have the time to answer your calls or look through boring emails. They want personalization, they want convenience, and they want it NOW. A study by Intrado shows that over 82% of consumers prefer proactive communication notifications in the form of emails. 

Now, how do you make that happen?

Well, luckily, GetResponse is a one-stop shop for all your marketing automation needs. So let's take a look at how and why you should leverage the power of marketing automation using this platform.

What Are The Benefits of Marketing Automation With GetResponse?

There are several obvious and not-so-obvious marketing automation benefits of this platform. 

For example, you can use it to:

Generate More Qualified Leads

Research shows that organizations leveraging marketing automation experience a whopping increase of 451% in qualified leads. Also, over 80% of marketers who use automation tools generate more information, and 77% can convert more leads than usual. 

If this alone doesn't make you want to get on the bandwagon and start your marketing automation journey, keep reading! 

Now, you might think, what does lead generation have to do with marketing automation? 

Well, lead generation can take place on all scales and through several types of media such as email, landing pages, and social. 

So, businesses that leverage marketing automation and consolidate their marketing mediums see a massive increase in the number of leads they get—a small price to pay for a big reward. 

Increase Efficiency and Productivity 

Marketing automation can potentially reduce staffing costs and free up your marketing team's time so they may work on more critical marketing-related tasks. 

That's because you can essentially leave all the repetitive tasks to GetResponse. So, it can manually post ads on social media for you, allowing you to spend your time more productively. A report by Nucleus shows that leveraging marketing automation can boost productivity by an average of 20%. 

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Improve Customer Experience

Modern-day customers look for buying experiences that are personalized to make them feel in control. So overtly salesy tone and shameless self-promotion are out of the question. It's tasteless and puts people off your brand.

Instead, you must anticipate your audiences' needs and use your marketing materials to answer their questions, queries, and concerns about your products or services. Make it easy for them to understand your offerings and decide to buy from you, and there's no reason why they won't do just that. 

Even though the apparent end goal of any marketing campaign is to make sales, there are several customer experience objectives you need to look out for before you can achieve that aim. 

Ensure your materials and content are highly personalized, educational, and yet persuasive. Recent research shows that 70% of marketers say that the best benefit they get from marketing automation software is the ability to create more customized messaging. 

Thus, marketing automation enables you to create more personalized content without putting in much effort. This is because marketing automation platforms give you insights regarding your consumers that can help you adjust your content accordingly.

Since intuitive techniques and tools are built directly in some platforms, such as GetResponse, you can communicate to end-users with personalized greetings on landing pages, contact forms, and emails. 

How To Leverage Marketing Automation Capabilities Of GetResponse?

Marketing Automation Ready To Use Features - GetResponse
Marketing Automation Ready To Use Features - GetResponse

Now, we have discussed some marketing automation benefits and how it generally makes the lives of business owners and their marketing departments easier. But, the question remains, how can you leverage marketing automation and use it to its full potential?

Some of the common marketing automation use cases include creating content that is adaptive or smart. This basic strategy involves putting up content on your websites, emails, and ads based on consumer preferences and behaviors. This allows you to create a completely customized experience for consumers on the go. 

Here's what else you can do:

Measure Campaign Success Through Analytics

Business owners cannot expect to measure how successful their marketing campaigns are without metrics and analytics. Most marketing automation platforms have free analytics that helps you measure campaign success with current data. Use it to your advantage.

Automate Internal Communications 

Some marketing automation tools improve collaboration as they transmit information all in real-time, helping departments communicate effectively so that everyone is on the same page at all times. 

Utilize Email Sequencing For Follow-Ups 

Create email sequences that nurture leads and help them feel more confident and comfortable as they explore your website and offerings in more detail. This can be pretty helpful, especially when people are hounded by junk and spam newsletters everywhere else.

Establish Automated Lead Nurturing

Some consumers are hesitant to become customers immediately. To fix that, allow them access to more information, let them sign up for your email newsletters, and give them coupons to ease them into the idea of buying from you. In addition, use tools for automated nurturing to create a variation of conversions alongside the sales funnel to cater to specific consumer behaviors. 

Automate List Segmentation 

You can manually segment lists, but that can result in errors and be a waste of time. Automation tools can take care of this as well. 

In Conclusion

Numbers never lie. Statistics show how 76% of businesses that implemented automated marketing generated a positive ROI within one year. This shows how powerful this technology can be. Using a marketing automation tool such as GetResponse will guarantee that you will see an improvement in sales, conversions, productivity, engagement, and other business operations. Marketing automation benefits everyone involved, from business owners and marketers to consumers.

See Our Full GetResponse Review
Tried and Tested.
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