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Did you know that your users find User Generated Content 9.8x times more impactful than the content created by influencers while making a purchase decision? 

This statistic is extremely crucial since it helps brands in determining how massively important this amazing strategy is for their brand’s success.

In today’s digital landscape, marketers are constantly looking for ways to reap results for the continuous efforts they put to achieve their goals and desired results. 

Little were they aware that the positive words and feedback of their existing customers was the biggest weapon in their marketing arsenal and could bring in a massive shift in their marketing game. 

If you are a brand or business that is looking for an appropriate marketing strategy, then utilizing User-Generated Content is the best bet for you. 

Continue reading this blog till the end as we shall be telling you about how creatively you can leverage User-Generated Content in your business and on your website. 

Let’s get started! 

Introduction To User-Generated Content 

Simply put, User-Generated Content can be defined as the content created by the users of the brand. It can be in the form of pictures, videos, reviews, gifs, audio and can be published on various marketing touchpoints like social media and the brand’s website to build social proof of the brand. 

What makes this content extremely valuable is the fact that it is totally unscripted, unsponsored, and unedited. User-Generated Content is the most authentic, trustworthy, and genuine content found online and your potential customers find it relatable enough to believe it. 

If you are wondering about how User-Generated Content came into existence, you will be amazed to know that the first-ever edition of the Oxford Dictionary exclusively consisted of User-Generated Content! 

Over the years, User-Generated Content has exploded to popularity, and utilizing it has become rather common in brands, no matter how big or small. 

Ways To Display User-Generated Content On Your Website 

Since now you are well acquainted with User-Generated Content, in this and the coming sections, we shall be highlighting how to use UGC on your website and how it can benefit you. 

Your website is the first touchpoint between your potential customers and your brand. It is like a representation of your brand. If your potential customers are interested in your brand, they would redirect to your website to explore more about your brand and its products. 

Hence, it is important to create a positive and strong first impression of your brand. 

Display User-Generated Content On Individual Product Pages 

Generally, every product page consists of professionally clicked pictures. Even though those pictures are clicked in a proper professional set-up, clicked by a professional photographer with proper lighting and featured models, it is not as authentic and engaging as User-Generated Content. 

Along with the professionally clicked pictures, if you include photos or videos captured by your users, it would make the product more reliable and your potential customers would get a proper and closer look at the product and its use cases. 

Apart from being engaging, such content would instill faith in your customers since they would trust the content created by your existing customers more than the professionally clicked pictures!

Include User-Generated Content Campaigns On The Landing Page 

If you ever plan on hosting a User-Generated Content campaign on social media, then further displaying it on your website’s landing page can help you garner immense attention from your website visitors the moment they visit your website. 

You can take inspiration from the famous imaging technology brand Canon. The official website has a dedicated ‘Explore’ section where they encourage the budding and existing photographers to take the ‘Leap Challenge’ and urge them to participate. 

As a result, the entire section has become a gallery of User-Generated Content created by the community. It not only inspires the other photographers but also pushes them to be a part of the challenge in a zest to get featured in the section. 

Convert User-Generated Content Into Shoppable Content 

Sure, including User-Generated Content on your website can engage your website’s visitors more but to drive more conversions, you need to act proactively and turn content into Shoppable UGC with platforms like Taggbox Commerce

By enabling the users to take an action instantly once they go through the UGC gallery and make up their mind to purchase the product can tap into impulsive buying. 

Adding tabs like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Shop The Look’ can instantly urge them to complete the purchase. 

SoBroome is a company that specializes in hospitality and travel. On their website, they have a community section dedicated to the content and posts created by travelers. They highly motivate travelers to share their experiences with them through pictures and videos. 

Moreover, they have made the posts shoppable. As in, if the website visitor is interested in the place, they can click on the post and book a similar experience for themselves and their family. 

Making the content shoppable has multiple incredible benefits. Apart from engaging the visitors, it allows them to make an instant decision and purchase products that in return give a boost to your brand conversions and sales. 

Build A Community Of Customers 

Always remember - your customers are extremely knowledgeable about your brand and its products. Moreover, your loyal customers are like the brand ambassadors of your brand and are extremely passionate about your brand. If you are not leveraging this aspect of your brand, then you could be missing out on a lot! 

Create a community online on your website where your potential customers can ask their queries and give their reviews and feedback in that section. Your existing customers can answer the queries. This way, they would vouch for your brand and its products that would further motivate them to be confident about your brand and try out your products. 

Include User-Generated Content In EMail Campaigns 

Generally, almost every e-Commerce brand has a particular email marketing strategy. E-Commerce brands highly leverage the power of emails and send monthly newsletters, updates about ongoing offers & discounts, etc for keeping their customers well updated about everything. 

To gain the faith of your potential customers, you can include valuable User-Generated Content about your products or services in the emails with a catchy line. 

This is a great strategy to push the email receivers to tap on the mail and go through it as you shall be utilizing the voice of your existing customers to gain their attention. Doing so would add an authentic touch to your emails. 

Moreover, as a matter of fact, More than 60% of marketers believe that bringing authenticity to content marketing will make the strategy more effective and powerful. 

Benefits Of Incorporating User-Generated Content On Your Website 

Better Brand-User Relationship

Just like Trust is the basis of every relationship, the same is applicable for brand and user relationships as well. Being extremely authentic and genuine in nature, User-Generated Content works amazingly well to gain the trust of the customers. 

Moreover, once you feature such content on your website, your potential customers notice that your brand is open to reviews and constructive feedback. They see you in a different light altogether and feel the need to interact with the brand on a personal level leading to a healthy overall brand-user relationship. 

Inspires Brand Loyalty 

By displaying User-Generated Content on your website, you bring your customers closer to your brand. Instead of feeling like normal customers, they feel and act as the brand advocates of your brand. 

Seeing other customers vouch for your brand’s products convinces other customers to create content for your brand and brings an emotion of loyalty within them towards your brand. 

Enhance The Look Of Your Website 

The major source of brand’s to get User-Generated Content is from social media platforms. Social media is where users do not hesitate to voice their opinions and openly discuss and reveal their experiences with brands. 

Collecting and displaying UGC from social media will give an attractive presence to your website due to the vibrant look of these platforms, especially visual-dominated platforms like Instagram & Pinterest. 

An attractive look to your website would compel your visitors to explore the website more leading to an increase in their dwell time and a reduction in the bounce rate of the website. 

A Cost-Effective Strategy 

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, User-Generated Content is not at all heavy on the pocket. The old traditional methods of marketing push brands to spend large amounts of money on running ads or hiring a team to handle and bring more traffic to their website. 

As mentioned earlier in the blog, UGC is unpaid and unsponsored and yet offers such spectacular results. Moreover, it is being created by your brand users without you asking for it. They do so as per their will and choice! 

Humanized Approach To Marketing 

User-Generated Content taps into the emotional quotient of the potential customers unlike the normal route of marketing. 

In the normal marketing process, brands behave more formally and potential customers do not feel as comfortable and open to completely express their views. 

On the other hand, by gaining trust and showcasing the authenticity of the brand, you connect with the customers emotionally which leads to much more engagement and brand conversions.

Key Takeaways 

Just like we began with a statistic, we would conclude with another eye-opening fact - Websites that featured User-Generated Content witnessed a 20% increase in the return of their visitors!

User-Generated Content is being defined as the future of marketing and brands and marketers need to consider it and leverage it to their advantage. 

This powerful and extremely result-driven strategy offers a promise of more engagement, cost-effectiveness, brand loyalty, and gradually more conversions and sales! 

We do not see any reason as to why you must not incorporate this brilliant marketing strategy into your business, do you?

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