9 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Sales Scripts

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Writing effective sales scripts is not exactly a skill that everyone possesses. In fact, it can be challenging to write a good sales script that will avoid common sales mistakes. If you work in marketing, a skill like this can help out a lot, so make sure to avoid making these mistakes when writing your sales scripts.

What Is A Sales Script?

Sales scripts are pre-written scripts or separate phrases that sales reps use when communicating with potential customers. A sales script can help organize such interactions between representatives and customers, but they can also limit sales reps if they are told to never divert from the script.

In some cases, sales reps use multiple scripts or ensure that they have multiple options for different instances within the script they are using. In other words, such a script makes sure to remember about all possible ways in which a particular situation can develop which allows sales reps to have more control and be more efficient at their jobs.

1. Using Templates

Of course, using templates is somewhat of a two-sided topic. On one hand, using templates can help newcomers get started with writing sales scripts as they provide a great example of what a script like that can look like. On the other hand, using templates can make your scripts sound insincere and even repetitive. Moreover, because you are not the only one using templates, you can end up having the exact same script as sales reps from other brands that your clients have already interacted with. So, it’s really better to avoid using templates.

2. Hiring Someone to Do It for You

Another important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t hire someone to write sales scripts for you – instead, you should do it yourself. Like templates, hiring someone can be a good way to start, but it’s always better to stick to your own thing and create scripts that will fit your particular products and/or services.

3. Focusing on Multiple Products or Services

Speaking of your products and services, you shouldn’t focus on all of them immediately when writing your scripts. When you are trying to make your sales script fit all the products your sales reps will be selling, you will end up having a script that works for absolutely nothing. Instead, it’s better to focus on a single product or service for every sales script you create which will allow you to have more personalization when it comes to your scripts.

4. Not Knowing Who the Script Is Meant For

When writing your sales scripts, there are other things you need to consider like who the script is actually meant for. This relates both to the sales reps who will be using it and the clients that they will be using it for. If the whole point of your brand is that it’s fun and friendly, this should be reflected in the script so your reps can show this to the customers. At the same time, you must ensure that these very customers are enjoying a brand like this and are specifically looking to get an experience that is fun and friendly.

5. Including Only Benefits and Not Pain Points

Benefits are the features of your product or service that allow your customers to benefit from the said products or services. Pain points are the things your customers are concerned with as well as the problems the customers have that your product or service can solve. As Christine White from the essay writing service reviews site Online Writers Rating puts it, “Benefits and pain points are equally important for your sales scripts. They both appeal to emotions and help you communicate why exactly your product or service will benefit your clients.”

6. Only Talking Yourself and Not Asking Any Questions

When you are a sales rep, it’s important to remember that your job is not just to talk – but also to listen. You need to be listening to what your client has to say, but this can only be done if you stop talking once in a while and ask relevant questions that will prompt your clients to speak up. If you are the one writing the script, make sure to include these questions into the sales script beforehand so that the sales reps can use them in conversation with customers.

7. Having No Clear Objectives in Mind

Having at least a single objective for every sales script you write will allow you to have a sense of direction when writing the script which will, in turn, allow your sales reps to guide the conversation in that direction. The main objective will always be to sell the product or service, but you can also have some extra objectives (e.g. having the client subscribe to your email newsletter list) that will allow sales reps to be even more productive.

8. Not Adding an Introduction and Conclusion

At the very beginning of a sales script, there should be a short introduction where the sales rep starts the conversation. At the end of it, there should be a conclusion that wraps up everything that the sales rep has talked about with the client. An introduction and conclusion are both necessary because they allow the conversation to have more structure and the client to feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the interaction.

9. Not Testing Scripts Beforehand

One last mistake that you should avoid when writing sales scripts is not testing them beforehand and just starting to use them immediately. Doing this can lead to your sales dropping unintentionally just because the scripts you are using are ineffective. Make sure to bring in some participants to test the scripts on and get feedback from them so you can improve the aspects of your sales scripts that need reworking.

Final Thoughts

All in all, writing effective sales scripts is about finding a balance between what works and what doesn’t while also following some common practices and avoiding making simple mistakes. Use the tips from this article to write your own sales scripts without making any common mistakes.

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