Most Effective And Innovative Link Building Strategies In 2022

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Have you ever come across a blog related to link-building strategies and tried them?

Did you end with “No response”? Or a response asking you to pay for the link?

It gets frustrating when the world is doing great SEO but has yet assumed link building as a painful process.

But why? 

Typically, because it is difficult to calibrate something that cannot be calibrated: building loyal and strong relationships. 

Nevertheless, not every one of us has a long list of strong digital industry connections to market our content without a hassle. But we can create a fundamental base for a creative link-building strategy. 

And instead of just writing a blog on link-building strategies, our SEO experts first tried and tested them to build dozens of high-quality backlinks. 

In this post, we are going to look over some of the most successful link-building strategies you'll actually benefit from. 

The Aspects Of Link Building Strategy

What is link building?

The process of setting up links of your content, website, or brand on other high-quality websites is called a link-building process. Link building helps create a brand image and market the online presence of the website. 

Additionally, they help generate organic seo traffic and quality leads. 

What is a link-building strategy?

A link-building strategy is to be able to generate content worth linking for. The webmasters gather references from different websites that backlink to the content of their own website. 

One of the benefits of link building strategy is that they create a strong backlink profile that enhances google ranking. 

What is a quality backlink?

Often people tell us to target a quality backlink, but what is a quality backlink? 

Well, a high-quality backlink comes from a high-quality website. When a website produces relevant and useful content for their users, they automatically enhance user experience. 

In other words, a quality backlink is associated with a high domain authority website that is not only trusted by the search engines but also by the people.

Must-Try Link Building Strategies

Incorporate industry statistics

Incorporating the most relevant statistics from your niche can perform miracles for building quality backlinks. 

Content creators look around for authentic stats all the time. Users and readers love data drive content, and all websites need data to back it. If you can compile the stats on a single page, it will help content creators to minimize research time. 

What platform do you use for large virtual conferences

An example of incorporating industry statistics for quality content

Qualified and related backlinks

  1. Relevant backlink

When writing content, look for relevant niches, including your own, to drive traffic to your website. Also, because these are good links, your site may rank better on google 

  1. Free backlinks

Paid backlinks can get you penalized from google because these are ‘black-hat tactics. In addition, they can be damaging to your website's authority, and you might never know if these backlinks will be out in the market forever. But with guest contribution techniques, you can freely get many do-follow backlinks. 

  1. Healthy backlink growth

Even though having a link-building strategy can be time-consuming, guest posting is an excellent strategy for effective SEO that helps you grow a healthy backlink portfolio. 

By opting for trusted websites that have high domain authority, you can get a great SEO ranking without risky future rankings. 

Effective B2B strategy

An effective B2B strategy used widely around the world to pitch sites are: 

  • Must have a strong ongoing backlink profile
  • Should have a relevant niche to your website
  • Should have a high incoming-outgoing link ratio
  • An excellent organic search traffic 
  • Type of keywords the website ranks for

A friendly and manual outreach

  • Spamming emails are a nuisance for both parties. However, in order to generate quality results, you need to have a human element when interacting with backlinks. 

Having a friendly outreach and throwing harmless jokes creates a healthy environment, and the receiver might even remember you. 

Additionally, research around the contacts you want to pitch manually. This can be achieved through digital media, for example, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you find their email address, contact them with curated emails and introduce your client, brand to how the publication would benefit you and them.

Join link building communities

LInk building communities are online social media platforms such as Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn groups that bring the communities together. Content marketers help each other out by exchanging links. 

Through these platforms, you can double your organic traffic within a short time span, increase AHREF domain authority, rank in the targeted queries, and increase the chances of unique referring sites.

Adopt the skyscraper technique

The most effective and creative link-building technique is the skyscraper technique which is explained in the four steps below.

  1. Analyze the ranking content on SERPs- 

The top-ranking content and pages in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) gives a great understanding of the unique ways the ranking pages have adopted. This helps in figuring out the search intent and the type of content the reader is reading regarding the keyword and what is wrong in regards to the page. 

  1. Writing SERPs based outline

Create an outline and analyze why the website is ranking. Then, identify the common main headings in all the sites that are ranking for a specific keyword. 

  1. Create  unique content 

Plagiarized content is not the only threat content creators should be troubled about. What about the content that is repeating the same thing multiple times? 

Therefore, putting in great efforts in creating content that is ten times better than what is already out there gives your work more valuable and brings a loyal audience that enable you to analyze by different tools and also helps to know your audience through KYC

  1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is equally important as off-page SEO. Here are some of the great strategies for a good on-page SEO

  • Using primary keywords in 
    1. The heading 
    2. Meta description
    3. In the first 10% of the content
    4. After every 100 words 
    5. Subheadings such as H2 and H3
    6. In the conclusion
  • Have a 2% density of the primary keyword
  • Incorporate secondary keywords 
  • Add a number in the headline 
  • Add power words in the headline 
  • Create media such as pictures, videos, and gifs
  • Incorporating alt text in the media 
  • Avoid passive voice sentences
  • Add transition words 
  1. Reach out to your competitors

Again, after you have created mind-blowing content, reach out to those who backlink your competitors and convince them that linking to your website is more beneficial. 

Taking everything into account 

Last but not least, in order to create ten times better content, the most effective and innovative link-building strategies are when you are consistent and patient enough while you are in the process. Additionally, the link-building process can be time-consuming, but when you focus on quality rather than quantity, you can easily achieve the audience who matters the most!

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