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There are many factors that Google uses to specify the search engine ranking of a website. Well, one specific way that has taken incredible importance over the years is the domain authority of a website! Domain authority is a measure developed by Moz. 

The higher the domain authority is, the higher chances to earn higher search engine rankings and to catch more and better web traffic. The domain authority (DA) is also a useful way to estimate your SEO actions as well as compare the power of your website to your competitors. 

In today's post, we are going to learn the basics of Domain Authority and the SEO strategies that can increase the DA of websites. Let's read more to know more!

What is exactly meant by the DA?

In easy words, DA or Domain Authority is just like a calculator that calculates the score of our website (ranging from 0 to 100) that determines how well our site will rank on search results. It also predicts the current positions and strengths of our website's SEO. Well, it is an important part that can be used to understand properly about our own website's capabilities and toughness of the competition. 

Domain Authority is evaluated by multiple factors, including linking root domains, content's quality, SEO friendliness, Moz trust, backlinks, and social signals. It works on the logarithmic scale and predicts accordingly. Remember and don't confuse: Domain Authority is not a metric used by Google in specifying search rankings and has no impact on the SERPs. 

Best SEO Techniques that can increase website's DA

Now, you have understood why domain authority is important and the ranking factors that are used by Moz to infer a website's domain authority, possibly you are wondering about the procedures of increasing your domain authority score. Well, if that's true, then you have landed in the right place! 

The following steps can help you to reach new levels of success, from the beginning of your site's generation: -

Step #1: Select a good name for your Domain 

If you are just beginning, then you have to know that selecting a good name means a lot. If you choose a short and readable name, then it will sit in people's minds forever. This thing is the starting point that can lead to a high-ranked domain.

Step #2: Optimize you’re On-Page

Optimization is the most important thing for both Google search engine rankings as well as Domain Authority, so that's why it is important to understand that on-page including alt texts, image attributes, title tags, and even the whole content should be fully optimized. Make your content relevant to the topics and the niches. Always remember to add good keywords in title tags as well as in content. Not just these internal links, high-quality fit sized images, headlines, unique, and errorless content is also significant.

Step #3: Develop Linkable Content

If you want to earn high-quality links from various domains, it is necessary to create quality content. In straightforward words, your content must be real, unique (plagiarism-free), grammatical errors free, should be relevant and topical and must be well written.

Step #4: Enhance Internal Links Structures

Many websites are so uptight about receiving external links that they ignore the importance of internal links. Internal links are the connections between you and your audience. It helps to enlighten visitors to what they are struggling to find, thereby improving their user understanding. It means if they've dug deep into your backlist of blog posts, they can still effortlessly find their path to your homepage by any one of your internal links.

Step #5: Boost the Loading Speed 

If your website loads slowly, then this will prove bad for you and your site. Nobody likes time-consuming things, and when they feel difficulty in reaching out to the website then they are not going to click them again, and even you will also be eliminated from the first page of the search engine as Google also notices such things. To boost your website's speed, you can use tools as well as you can do it manually by adding and concentrating on adding various elements like image size, links, etc.

Best way to check Domain Authority 

Are you struggling to find some reliable platforms to check Domain Authority? If yes, then you should know that the best way to check for DA is to use online web tools. These tools use Artificial Intelligence, Multifunctional, and Multi-thread techniques that provide 100+ accurate results in minutes. The best thing about using a tool is there is no tension of downloading. All you need to do is access and operate. Let's see what we have got on our top list?

SmallSEOTools — Check Website Authority

Domain Authority Checker by SmallSEOTools is the best and free online tool to check site DA. This domain authority tool offers multiple handy features to its users. You can check website authority of any website with this free domain authority checker can easily beat any kind of paid tool. There is no need to get registered or to spend extra time on such types of things. It is fast and easy to operate. Besides, the best thing is it can check multiple site's DA at a time. So, just open up, paste the domain URL, and check site da.


It is another tool that allows you to go for a DA check in minutes. It is a cool tool that does not compromise quality, accuracy, and security. All you need to do is access this tool on Google, open up, sign up, paste a link, and click on the check button. Ahrefs is a paid tool that doesn't offer free checking, but overall its working methods are good.

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