Unbeatable SEO Techniques to follow in 2022

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As we spearhead our way into 2021, do you wonder how you can make the most out of SEO and try new techniques to boost your website's traffic? However, before hiring professional SEO services and looking for new SEO techniques, you should get your basics right. Things like keyword research, tag optimizations, and content optimizations are some things you cannot afford to ignore. 

Once you get the fundamental right, you will look forward to advanced SEO tactics that can significantly improve your website's organic visibility and traffic. Enter – advanced search engine optimization techniques! These tactics can help you improve your site's performance and enhance its visibility significantly. And these aren't just tactics; these are methods that should be a part of your core SEO strategy. Implementing these techniques can help improve your website's visibility and traffic. Here's what you should do:

1. Analyse what and how your competitors are doing

Try to get as much information as possible about your competitors. The more information, the better your site can perform. Check for aspects that are working for your competitor and try implementing them into your own SEO strategy. Monitor closely how your competition's website is performing and note down the significant aspects that can help you achieve the same with your website. 

There are can several factors to monitor; however, you can start with understanding where your competition is getting its organic traffic, which drives them to their website, etc. Develop a picture that will help you get a better hang of things that's working for your competition. Note for things like keyword gap, link gap, content in general, and keyword cannibalization. You can get all these details about your competitors using tools available on the internet. These tools can help you get a general estimate of how much organic traffic your competitors are getting and how well their website is performing. 

You can compare this data with your own website and check for things that are making a significant difference in performance. Start with keyword-research and check for potential areas at a page level. Such analysis can also help you find other websites competing against your website. Once you get all the details, compile them into aspects that'll work for you and implement them into your strategy. This way, you will be able to make your website lean ahead of your competition.

2. Guiding your content using keyword gaps

Content strategy focuses on optimizing the existing content and creating new content. Often websites will prefer to optimize their existing content to perform better, and that is one of the most effective ways of optimizing your content strategy. It is easier to optimize the content that's already indexed instead of creating entirely new content pieces. However, there will be websites that have optimized all of their content.

This is where websites look to create new content. However, when creating new content, do not do it for the sake of it; you'll have to justify every piece of content that's being created and should serve a purpose and have value. You should spend some time planning out your content strategy. Here, the keyword gap tool can help you out. 

A keyword gap tool can help you find out the keywords that your competitors rank, but you don't, and also, the keywords that are missed opportunities. These are the keywords that have potential; however, not being used by your competitors. This way, you can create content to cannibalize into the keywords your competitors are ranking for and also use the keywords that are being untapped. Keyword gap tools help curate a content strategy to create content that helps beat your competitors.

Keyword gaps can be analysed through tools such as SEMrush.

3. Digital PRs

One of the greatest challenges faced in SEO is finding and earning authority backlinks on a larger scale. Among the top three factors that help you rank in Google, one of them is backlinks. There are many different ways to build links; however, they'd still be difficult to build on a larger scale. 

The best way to get high-quality backlinks is through creating new, unique, appealing, and relevant content. This type of content is prevalent among people on the internet. Good content always pays off. More valuable your content, the higher the chance that someone else will find it helpful and offer them to their readers. This is the way to getting more backlinks.

This is where digital PRs come in. Digital PRs can be used to create excellent content like infographics, guides, tools, calculators, insights, etc. It's all about creating and promoting your content that you'd want journalists would want to cover in their articles. Digital PR isn't into pitching promotional pieces with a press release. It is more of a promotion to offer relevant content that can help deliver more value. A digital PR can help drive more referral traffic, create engagement, increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

4. Making the most of PPC testing

Click-through rates are one of the aspects that can affect your ranking. A site's click-through rate is highly dependent on its title tag and meta description. Both these tags can affect how many people click through the link to visit your website. And you should be testing a variety of title tags and meta descriptions to see which one works for you the best. Though making changes, in the long run, to see what's affecting your performance and ranks is also a viable option, PPC testing is the best way to get quicker results. 

Even when you aren't running any campaigns, it is worth loading a budget and test ads to see which titles and descriptions work the best. Such testing can help you find phrases and heads that can make a significant difference to CTRs. Also, when testing, make sure to try out at least three different headlines while keeping the description the same. Similarly, determine the best description by keeping the title the same for three ads.

5. Don't miss out on 'People Also Ask':

In 2021, ranking on search engine result pages is more than just the first page's ten links. SEO in 2021 will try to make the most of everything that SERPs have to offer. One such feature is People Also Ask (PAA). PAA is the set of questions that are shown on SERPs. More and more people are optimizing their websites for PAAs.

Optimizing for PAA helps you rank your website twice on the first page. Also, PAA helps you appear prominently on the top of SERPs as an answer to customer's questions. 75% of PAA show up in the top three results. And PAA is flying under the radar right now, which makes it a great opportunity for businesses to make the most out of it and gain a competitive advantage.   

Although it is challenging to find good quality backlinks, one great tactic to finding them is making use of broken backlinks of your competitors. These tactics work on what doesn't work for your competitors. You will have to find your competitor's broken backlinks, create content that fulfills the need of the link, and reaching out to the people who can reinstate your content piece in place of the dead link. You can start by finding 404 pages on your competitor's website.

There are tools available online that can get your competitor's 404 pages, such as SEMrush. Use these opportunities to reach out to backlink providers and offer them that can help your company out. 

7. Optimising for topics, not keywords

Google is becoming smarter every day. In the run to offer its consumer the best results, Google ranks a website based on a given search query. That is why it is essential to optimize your content for the topic and not keywords. So, if you want to rank high, you need to have some topical expertise.

Instead of focusing entirely on high-ranking keywords, you could be focusing more on topical clusters and getting to grips with the content at hand. Creating topical sets is essential for internal linking. These links can lead further and deeper into the website with content that supports the topic. Therefore, your content should answer the question at hand and offer more than just what your users asked for. This is a strategy where you can make the most out of long-tail keywords. 

The supporting content will be acting as content pieces offering in-depth information related to the search query. Such content provides depth to your website and lets Google know that you are an expert in this field. Also, make it a point to note that content doesn't have to be necessarily created based on keyword research and its analysis. Publishing content based on trending topics or subtopics is just as essential as writing content pieces on social media networks and platforms. 

Create webpages with content that supports main pages may not get as much traction as your main pages; however, it will help the main page to rank higher when promoted properly.


Just like 2020 (i.e., the pandemic), you cannot accept to sit and home and face the consequences. You have to think out of the box and bring in new techniques to offer businesses what they've craved for – results! Starting with the basics and developing advanced level SEO techniques should on top of the priority list of those offering professional SEO services. It is essential to bring in new tactics and strategies and make use of new ways to help your website climb the ranks.  

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