Virtual Event Budget Template

This virtual event budget template will help you to manage every financial aspect of your event. Create spend categories, allocate budget, and record event expenses. Use the eye-catching charts to present the financial state of the event to your management.
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Key features of the virtual event budget template

Fully automated, customisable, and unbreakable.
Add as many spend categories as you like, without having to change the template manually.
Keep a track record of budget allocated to spend categories.
Auto-updating charts for your management conversations.
Run detailed analyses of your expenses
Input expenses line by line; Foolproof.
CHART - virtual event budget template

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Say goodbye to inaccurate financial event reports

By using this virtual event budget template, you can be assured that you're looking at accurate information in your management reports.

You have the full flexibility to add as many spend categories as you want. Spend categories differ for every organization and this template doesn't limit you to the predefined spend categories.

We understand that budgets change throughout the event process. Budget allocation is managed by adding line items. This means that it simultaneously acts as a logbook for budget allocation. If you need to remove some budget from a spend category, you can do this by adding a new line item and entering a negative number.

Naturally, the template provides useful charts that visually present the financial state of your event. You can use this in your conversations with your management team.

Sometimes you need to conduct detailed analyzes of your event expenses. The build-in pivot table allows you to analyze all the details that you need.

Expenses are logged by adding line items. This template is designed to be unbreakable. People can remove and add line items and everything will continue to work.

For a full walkthrough of the virtual event budget template, please read this guide

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