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This template leaves no stone unturned. This virtual event in a box will take you through the process of setting up an event from A to Z. Let this template guide you to deliver exceptional virtual events.
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What's in the box?

A full workflow for virtual events.
A slidedeck that you can use for presentations.
Steps to include customers and partners in your events.
Invitation email templates to drive event registrations.
A sales kit template to brief your sales team about your virtual events.
Virtual Event in a Box Benefits

The most complete virtual event in a box out there!

Wow your virtual event audience!

When it comes to virtual events, there are a lot of moving pieces. Executing a virtual event successfully is hard - there is a lot to think about!

From hosting 50+ virtual events, we got a clear understanding of what needs to happen to ensure event success.

We've compiled this information and created a virtual event in a box. When downloading this template, you will gain access to every stage to virtual events.

We'll make sure that you take care of everything to maximize virtual event attendance.

Sections included in the template are:

  • Event Goals
  • Event Format
  • Promotion Plans
  • Event Agenda's
  • Budget
  • Audience Engagement
  • Sales Kit
  • Email Templates
  • Customer and Partner involvement
  • Timelines
  • Follow up and no-show reduction plans
  • Analytics and debriefing slides

For more information on how to use this template, please read this blog.

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