Aweber Review 2022: Email Marketing for Small Businesses

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In this AWeber review, I will shed light on all the important aspects of this email marketing services provider. 


TL;DR: Over the years, I have been using various email marketing tools, but AWeber is one tool I find myself using more frequently. AWeber helps me manage my campaigns, design landing pages, and send newsletters.

One of the many perks of AWeber is that businesses of all sizes can use it. However, it is most suitable for small to mid-sized companies. The tool provides you with just the right number of features as needed without too many bells and whistles.

I sent automated emails, segmented my contacts and ran targeted campaigns effectively, tag subscribers, and designed custom emails using an easy drag-and-drop interface. The platform also provides a range of free stock images handy, thus making the entire process even effortless.

One thing that deserves accolades is the comprehensive knowledge base maintained by the platform. From guides to blogs, webinars, tutorials, and everything else in between - the tool provides you with everything to help you get started.

If you want to invest in email marketing and make your brand reach out to a broader set of audiences, then AWeber must be on your list. You can try out the software for free here.


Find out if the pricing model of AWeber is right for you. Below, you will find the major pricing tiers of the product.
Tier Price Benefits
Free 0

Up to 500 subscribers, landing pages, push notifications, drag and drop builder, email templates, sign up forms, e-commerce and more.

0 - 500 subscribers $16.15 per month

Everything in plus and unlimited email lists, advanced email automation, remove AWeber branding, detailed analytics, webpage and sales tracking, A/B testing and more.

501 - 2500 subscribers $26.15 per month

From here, the features stay the same on all paid AWeber plans. The only thing that changes are the monthly costs based on your subscribers. We will list a few examples below.

2501 - 5000 subscribers $46.15 per month
5001 - 10k subscribers $66.15 per month
10k - 25k subscribers $146.15 per month
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Pros and Cons

Below, you will find an overview of the major benefits of AWeber. We will also cover some of the disadvantages of AWeber.
AWeber is very easy to use for people who are new to email marketing software.
The response rate and the quality of support is fantastic. We contacted them twice and they responded within 10 minutes.
AWeber has a large network of services that they integrate with. This makes it easy to connect AWeber to other apps.
The pricing of AWeber can be more competitive.
AWeber doesn't offer a free trial to some countries.
The list import functionality should be improved. Sometimes it can be tricky to import contacts from apps such as Gmail.


Get a clear impression of AWeber by taking a look at some screenshots of the product.


We deep-dived into AWeber and conducted a thorough analysis of the product. We checked the availability of features and graded them according to our model.

Below, you will find the definition of our scores:

  • 0% - 10%: The feature is of dysfunctional quality and its capabilities are almost unmanageable.
  • 41% - 50%: The feature is of below-average quality and its capabilities are below-average.
  • 51% - 60%: The feature is of average quality and its capabilities are average.
  • 91% - 100%: The feature is of industry-leading quality and its capabilities are near-perfect.


Feature Rating Comments
User, Role, and Access Management
Ability to grant user-specific access to features.
Platform availability in various languages.
Performance and Reliability
The reliability and performance of the platform.
Domain authentication
Ability to authenticate the domain through DMARC, SPF, DKIM to improve email delivery rates.
Email delivery rates
Percentage of emails being delivered to the recipients.

Onboarding and learning

Feature Rating Comments
Eduational resources
Quality and availability of educational resources to learn how to use the software.
Guided onboarding path
Quality and availability of a guided onboarding path that teaches new users how to use the platform.
Feature not available


Feature Rating Comments
Data import & export tools
Availability of tools to import and export data.
Integration APIs
Availability of integration APIs with other platforms.
Breadth of Partner Applications
The quantity of integrations available to the platform.
CRM Integration
Availability and ease of integration with CRM platforms.
Social Media Integration
Availability and ease of integration with Social Media platforms.
E-Commerce Integration
Availability and ease of integration with E-Commerce platforms.
Marketing Automation integration
Availability and ease of integration with Marketing Automation platforms.
Domain Integration
Allows companies to integrate with their existing domain.

Email Marketing

Feature Rating Comments
Email and Mobile Preview
Ability to preview emails on various email clients and mobile.
Manage Email Lists
List management tools to maintain subscriber data, segmentation, attribution, delivery status, and subscribers can self-manage preferences.
High-Volume Sending
Ability to send high-volume (thousands) emails reliably.
Building and Personalizing Emails
Availability of email building tools and personalization features.
Manage Email Deliverability
Availability of tools to improve email deliverability.
Automated Email Responses
Availability to set up automated email responders.
Multi-user Account
Multiple users in the marketing department can log into a single account.
Availability and quality of survey tools and managements.
A/B Testing
A/B testing capabilities such as subject lines, areas of content, sender names and dates.
Workflow Builder
Availability and quality of workflow builders to send emails, manage subscribers, and create processes.
Availability and quality of creating and management subscriber collection forms.

Reporting & Analytics

Feature Rating Comments
Basic Reporting
Basic reporting features such as open rates.
Campaign Performance
Analytical capabilities on the performance of campaigns.
Blacklist and Whitelist
Tracking for when recipients add you to white or blacklists.
Time to Open
Tracking time between when an email was opened and delivered.
Feature not available
Capabilities to set up custom alerts.
Performance visualization
Data visualization tools to report on campaign performance.
Data visualization through (custom) dashboards.
Capabilities to identify why emails are not delivered to the inbox of recipients.
Shareable Links
Ability to share email templates by URL to collect feedback.


Feature Rating Comments
Text and Themes
Text and theme editing capabilities for email templates.
Email Proofing capabilities.
Mobile Responsive
Availability of mobile responsive email templates.


Feature Rating Comments
Pre-Made templates
Scale of pre-made email template offerings.
Capabilities for users to create their own email templates.
Drag-and-drop HTML and CSS editor capabilities.

Landing Page Customization

Feature Rating Comments
Drag and Drop
Capabilities of drag and drop page builders to customize landing page design.
Availability and quality of ready-made templates for landing pages.
Advanced Customization
Capabilities to edit the HTML and CSS of landing pages and insert custom code.
Content Library
Capabilities of the library where users upload and manage media.

Landing Page Optimization

Feature Rating Comments
A/B Testing
Capabilities of A/B testing tools to improve conversation rates.
Mobile Responsive
Capabilities to optimize landing pages for mobile devices.
Web Analytics
Analytical insights into the landing pages such as pageviews, users, location, and bounce rates.
Capabilities to implement SEO optimizations.
Design Testing
Capabilities to test design features, code, formatting and other aspects.


Take a look at the top alternatives to AWeber.


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Does AWeber Have a Trial?

AWeber doesn’t offer a free trial. However, it does have a free version that allows you to email to up to 500 subscribers. The free version offers a range of features, including the ability to create and send newsletters, email automation, RSS to email, drag-and-drop email builder, email templates, HTML emails, dynamic content, hosted broadcast archive, AMP emails, and more.

I’d recommend you get your hands on the free version before committing to the paid version. Once you have figured out your needs, you can update your plan.

However, as I mentioned in the above section, the free version of the tool is only available in the US and scattered regions in Europe and a few locations in Asia and Africa. So, if you do not belong to any of these regions, you will have to start your journey with their paid version.

You can sign up for their free version here.

What is AWeber Used for?

AWeber is an email marketing services provider that helps you build a stronger connection with your audiences. The tool enables you to grow your audiences with email marketing solutions, landing page builders, web push notifications, email automation, segmentation, auto-newsletters, and third-party integrations. I will shed light on each of these features in the subsequent sections.

Who Should Use AWeber?

AWeber helps you push your email marketing campaign just right. If you are an individual or an entrepreneur starting from scratch or a small business with a small marketing team, AWeber is the right pick for you. Containing the right blend of features, pricing, and subscribers, this email marketing service provider (ESP) hit the bull’s eye in terms of its offerings without overwhelming your team.

The free plan provides you with most of the features available in the paid plan, only restricting you in terms of the number of subscribers.


In conclusion, AWeber is email marketing software that has been with us since 1998. It's a mature player on the market and people use it for email automation, landing page creation, push notifications, form builders and newsletters.

The pricing model of AWeber is very straightforward as they only have two packages.

  • AWeber Free;
  • and, AWeber Pro.

Their pro pricing scales as your number of subscribers increases. It's a feature-rich platform and is easy to learn for people with no prior experience with email marketing platforms.

Try AWeber for Free!
See if it's the right tool for you.
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