Getresponse Review 2022: Email Marketing for SMBs

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It is touted as one of the most reliable email marketing solutions out there. But does GetResponse really have the marketing capabilities to fulfill the needs of SMBs? 

In this review for GetResponse, we check out some of its most prominent features, pit it against its biggest competitors, look at pricing plans and study its advantages and disadvantages in great detail. 


GetResponse is an email marketing platform that streamlines your online marketing efforts with various helpful tools. It puts everything such as auto funnel, webinars, email marketing, autoresponders, and more in one place for ease of access.

So, all in all, it promises to be a comprehensive marketing solution that goes beyond email to offer SM marketing, CRM, lead generation, webinar marketing, and e-commerce functionalities.

However, its primary use is email marketing because its features are ideally suited to plan email campaigns, send out online surveys, and follow up autoresponders and newsletters. These capabilities make it a pretty powerful resource for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that rely on email marketing to get the word out. After all, emails are a powerful communication tool that never gets old and is the most professional way to get in touch with employees, clients, leads, and other stakeholders.

GetResponse has been around since 1998. Since then, it has done a great job adapting to the growing needs of businesses in the digital era, particularly within the marketing domain.

It also doesn't hurt that GetResponse is targeted at small businesses. It's affordable, offers insights that help tweak the campaign for maximum effectiveness, and gives users a view into the receiver's habits by analyzing how they react to the emails.

However, the interface is tricky to get the hang of, and the templates are limited. Also, the progress report isn't delivered in real-time, making it harder to know how well your campaign is doing till it is too late.

It is still an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want an automated email marketing tool that doesn't break the bank.


Find out if the pricing model of Getresponse is right for you. Below, you will find the major pricing tiers of the product.
Tier Price Benefits
Free 0

Up to 500 contacts, unlimited newsletters, 1 landing page, website builder, custom domain, signup forms.

Basic €13 per month

1000 contacts. Everything in free plus, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages and website builder, basic segmentation, and email scheduling. The price scales as your subscribers increase. E.g. 25k subscribers cost €129 per month.

Pro €45 per month

1000 subscribers. Everything in Free + Basic and marketing automation, webinars, 3 team members, contact scoring and tagging, advanced segmentation, and 5 sales funnels. Pricing scales with subscribers. E.g. 25k contacts cost €159 per month.

Professional €89 per month

Everything in Free, Basic, Plus, and unlimited automation, paid webinars, 5 team members, e-commerce features, web push notifications, and unlimited funnels. Pricing scales with subscribers. E.g. 25k contacts cost €225 per month.

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Pros and Cons

Below, you will find an overview of the major benefits of Getresponse. We will also cover some of the disadvantages of Getresponse.
The fact that it offers a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial is quite impressive and something we have not seen in most other email marketing platforms
It offers third-party integration with several software to make automation easier. Some integrations include Microsoft 365, CartBounty, Salesflare, and SaveMyLeads.
It has hundreds of templates for all kinds of emails and marketing collateral.
It is super easy and quick to create a campaign on the GetResponse platform and takes just a couple of minutes.
It has excellent customer support through live chat that is available in over eight languages, making it reasonably inclusive.
The prices are undeniably affordable, making it great for those just establishing their businesses or those with a limited marketing budget.
It provides unlimited emails regarding the plans or the tiers you have selected.
Its user-friendly interface makes for a pleasant user experience overall.
It allows a maximum of 500 attendees per webinar.
Slack support, dedicated support, and phone support are only provided for those subscribed to the max plan.
The basic plan doesn't offer complete automation.
It can be challenging to manage multiple GetResponse accounts.


Get a clear impression of Getresponse by taking a look at some screenshots of the product.


We deep-dived into Getresponse and conducted a thorough analysis of the product. We checked the availability of features and graded them according to our model.

Below, you will find the definition of our scores:

  • 0% - 10%: The feature is of dysfunctional quality and its capabilities are almost unmanageable.
  • 41% - 50%: The feature is of below-average quality and its capabilities are below-average.
  • 51% - 60%: The feature is of average quality and its capabilities are average.
  • 91% - 100%: The feature is of industry-leading quality and its capabilities are near-perfect.


Feature Rating Comments
Data Import & Export Tools
Availability of tools to import and export data.
Integration APIs
Availability of integration APIs with other platforms.
Breadth of Partner Applications
The quantity of integrations available to the platform.


Feature Rating Comments
Ability to customize custom objects, fields, rules, calculations and views.
Workflow Capability
Availability and quality of workflow builders to automate processes.
User, Role, and Access Management
Ability to grant user-specific access to features.
Platform availability in various languages.
Sandbox / Test Environments
Ability to easily develop and test changes to the CRM deployment.
Feature not available
Performance and Reliability
The reliability and performance of the platform.
Output Document Generation
Ability to create templates for dynamic document generation in various formats based on the data in the system.
Mobile Optimization
Ability to optimize marketing campaigns for mobile devices

Email Marketing

Feature Rating Comments
Building and Personalizing Emails
Availability of email building tools and personalization features.
Sending Outbound Emails
Ability to create segmented lists, schedules and bulk email management.
Manage Email Deliverability
Availability of tools to improve email deliverability.
Automated Email Responses
Availability to set up automated email responders.

Online Marketing

Feature Rating Comments
Landing Pages and Forms
Ability to make custom landing pages and forms for campaigns.
Dynamic Content
Ability to customize marketing content through dynamic content.
A/B Testing
A/B testing capabilities such as subject lines, areas of content, sender names and dates.
Mobile Optimized
Ability and support for mobile campaign optimization.
Search Tracking and Optimization
Ability to track performance of keywords in major search engines.

Lead Management

Feature Rating Comments
Marketing Lead Database
Capabilities of the marketing lead database including logs, scoring changes, and data updates.
Data Quality Management
Quality of features for data quality management such as deduplication.
Capabilities to segment records in your database.
Lead Scoring and Grading
Capabilities to automatically score leads based on your custom defined rules and prioritization.
Lead Nurturing
Capabilities for automatic drip nurture campaigns and it's customization abilities.
Online Behavior Tracking
Capabilities to track webpage behaviour and email marketing.
Automated Alerts and Tasks
Capabilities to configure automated notifications.
CRM Lead Integration
Capabilities for lead syncing with CRMs.
Predictive Scoring
Quality of the predictive scoring engine for behaviour and engagement with the audience.
Feature not available
Account Identification
Capabilities to identify, prioritizing and distributing accounts to sales.
Feature not available

Campaign Management

Feature Rating Comments
Program Management
Capabilities to configure and manage marketing programs.
Event / Webinar Marketing
Capabilities to manage the entire process of events and webinars.
Capabilities to maintain a marketing calendar.
Capabilities for campaign budget management.
Feature not available
Website Personalization
Capabilities to customize landing pages and dynamic data inclusion.
Prioritized Accounts
Capabilities to identify and report on activity from prioritized accounts.
Feature not available
Trending Accounts
Capabilities to identify and report on activity from trending accounts.
Feature not available


Feature Rating Comments
Social Listening
Capabilities to measure what contacts are sharing on Social Media.
Feature not available
Social Sharing
Capabilities to integrate social media sharing in campaigns.
Social Campaigns
Capabilities to schedule automated post to social media and measurement.

Reporting & Analytics

Feature Rating Comments
Basic Reporting
Quality of the default reporting available.
Web Analytics
Capabilities to track web traffic and attribution.
ROI Analytics
Capabilities to measure the ROI of marketing campaigns.
Revenue Analytics
Capabilities to measure how leads progress through the revenue funnel.
SEO / Keyword Analytics
Capabilities to measure SEO performance such as keywords ranking.
Campaign Analysis
Capabilities to measure the impact of campaigns.
Custom Dashboards
Capabilities to build custom dashboards for reporting.
Feature not available

Lead Intelligence

Feature Rating Comments
Market Insights
Capabilities and tools available to identify market trends.
Feature not available
Account-level Insights
Capabilities to correlate ad exposure, site visits, asset downloads, content, leads with accounts.
Feature not available
Lead Analysis
Capabilities for lead prioritization based on scores, market insights and account-level insights.

Marketing Campaigns

Feature Rating Comments
Omni-Channel Tracking
Tracking capabilities across external platforms such as advertising tools.
Feature not available
Revenue Planning
Capabilities to allocate budget based on revenue predictions.
Feature not available
Media Attribution
Capabilities to attribute marketing budget to successful campaigns.
Opportunity Timeline
Capabilities to visualize the effects of campaigns on opportunities.
Feature not available
Journey Analytics
Capabilities to measure each stage of the customer journey to customize account funnels.


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What Is GetResponse Used For?

This tool acts as an all-inclusive online marketing platform that allows you to unify online campaigns to effectively maximize ROI, manage sales and advertise through various online mediums.

So, it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to streamline their audience and send out targeted emails using several different email marketing techniques. In fact, you can use it to ensure a 99.5% deliverability rate, so there is an extremely high chance your emails reach destination inboxes.

It also allows you to segregate clients and leads into separate lists by their position in the funnel, demographics, and other factors. This helps you target each list with different types of content and marketing material, which goes a long way in developing a long-lasting relationship with them and build a customer base that is profitable as it is responsive.

Who Should Use GetResponse?

We recommend GetResponse for growing businesses that need an inbound marketing tool that is fool-proof, easy to use, and cost-effective. It lets you drive traffic, get organic leads, nurture them through funnels, and convert them into loyal customers.

It is also a good option for e-commerce stores as GetResponse has fantastic functionalities for aiding their growth. For starters, you can use its integrations with Shopify and Magento to send out timely cart abandonment emails, granular customer tagging, and offer personalized content. These capabilities alone can significantly increase the profitability of your online business.

Also, if you want to automate your marketing efforts to save time and money, GetResponse should be your go-to resource. Their visual builder is super intuitive, so your funnels essentially build themselves. From there, personalization and advanced email analytics can enable business growth without requiring you to put in the extra effort.


In conclusion, this verified review for GetResponse shows that it offers many useful features for businesses of all sizes and from across niches, and they can take advantage of these at a nominal fee. From social media advertising to email campaigns, GetResponse covers most of the tasks within a marketing strategy, making it a worthwhile investment.

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