Serpstat Review 2022: The SEO tool for small businesses

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Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that businesses can use to find new keywords for content, analyze backlinks, get technical SEO data, and much more.

We’ve put Serpstat to the test. In this Serpstat review, you will learn about the pros and cons, key features, pricing, and support.


Serpstat has played an important role in enabling us to improve our search rankings by giving us access to technical SEO data, for example.

When analyzing SEO tools, there is one aspect that is highly important to me. How much time does it save me? The automated reports of Serpstat such as the Site audit tool have saved me significant time by identifying issues that I didn’t have to detect manually.

Based on my experience with Serpstat, I will use the tool for:

  • Keyword research;
  • Site audits;
  • PPC examples;
  • And competitive analysis.

Serpstat also has backlink features. While Serpstat is great at visualizing backlink patterns, the data is not as complete compared to Ahrefs. This is mainly because Ahrefs analyses 10 search engines and Serpstat 2.

It is important to note that Serpstat is more affordable than tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs which gives Serpstat an edge for small businesses.

In conclusion, Serpstat is a feature-rich SEO tool that can be considered the best next thing for an affordable price compared to Ahrefs and Semrush!


Find out if the pricing model of Serpstat is right for you. Below, you will find the major pricing tiers of the product.
Tier Price Benefits
Free 0

Serpstat offers a trial through Markletic.  Visit Serpstat, create your account and then go to your account page. Use the code "markletic_trial", for a 5-day trial.

Lite $55 per month

Access to 20 tools for SEO, SEM, and PPC. Single user.

Standard $119 per month

Everything in lite, plus 3 users, branded reports and API credits.

Advanced $239 per month

Everything in standard plus 5 users and more API credits.

Enterprise $399 per month

Everything in Advanced, plus 7 users, white-label and more API credits.

Try Serpstat for Free!
See if it's the right tool for you. Use the code "markletic_trial" for a free 5-day trial.

Pros and Cons

Below, you will find an overview of the major benefits of Serpstat. We will also cover some of the disadvantages of Serpstat.
The site audit tools save me loads of time when it comes to technical SEO.
The batch analysis tool allows me to keep an eye on all of my competitors and track their rankings.
It’s very affordable for small business owners.
Their level of support is stellar.
I love that Serpstat integrates with Google Data Studio.
There is not a very active community on key social media channels.
The user interface needs to work to make things more user-friendly.
I would’ve liked it if Serpstat could offer more backlink data. Currently, it doesn’t compare to a tool such as Ahrefs.
I’m missing the option to run reports for the globe instead of having to select countries.


Get a clear impression of Serpstat by taking a look at some screenshots of the product.


We deep-dived into Serpstat and conducted a thorough analysis of the product. We checked the availability of features and graded them according to our model.

Below, you will find the definition of our scores:

  • 0% - 10%: The feature is of dysfunctional quality and its capabilities are almost unmanageable.
  • 41% - 50%: The feature is of below-average quality and its capabilities are below-average.
  • 51% - 60%: The feature is of average quality and its capabilities are average.
  • 91% - 100%: The feature is of industry-leading quality and its capabilities are near-perfect.


Feature Rating Comments
API / Integrations
Availability of integration APIs with other platforms such as DSPs and DMPs.
User, Role, and Access Management
Ability to grant user-specific access to features.
Team Member Roles
Ability to assign team members different roles.
Performance and Reliability
The reliability and performance of the platform.
Enterprise Scalability
Quality of features that allows scaling for large companies.
Ability to customize custom objects, fields, rules, calculations and views.
Workflow Capability
Availability and quality of workflow builders to automate processes.
Feature not available
Platform availability in various languages.

Available in EN, RU and UK

Availability of search tools to find data quickly.
Mobile User Support
Allows the app to be used on mobile devices.
Allows multiple users to collaborate on the application.
Provides tools for users to follow privacy and data collection laws.

SEO Auditing & Monitoring

Feature Rating Comments
SEO Alerting
Delivers instant notifications that alerts users about issues that can compromise SEO health.
SEO Auditing
Quality of tools to evaluate a website's SEO health and provides recommendations for improvements.
SEO Change Tracking
Tools that keep a record of changes to a website and provides historical snapshots.
Technical SEO
Provides an SEO crawler that monitors and identifies issues within a website.

SEO Content & Rankings

Feature Rating Comments
Link Building
Quality of tools for backlink analysis and identifying link building opportunities.
Keyword Research
Quality of tools for keyword research and the depth of data such as volume, difficulty, and competition.
SERP Rank Tracking
Quality of tools related to SERP rank tracking including historical metrics, position, traffic and share of voice.
Quality of tools for keyword data based on geographic location and device types.
Content Insights
Quality of tools that help to optimize SEO content such as keyword suggestion, audience insights, content intelligence and AI writing assistants.

SEO Reporting

Feature Rating Comments
Competitor Analysis
Quality of tools that provide competitive intelligence based on metrics such as backlinks, organic traffic, domain strength, and SERP rankings.
Data Visualization
Quality of data visualization graphs and charts for key metrics.
Custom Reports
Ability for users to build custom reports and dashboards for SEO data.
White Label
Allows users to add their branding to reports.

Monitoring & Listening

Feature Rating Comments
Social Measurement
Quality of social listening tools to measuring share of voice and conversations related to brands, campaigns, and products .
Feature not available
Influencer Identification
Tools to identify relevant influencers who are experts in your niche.
Feature not available
Brand Monitoring
Quality of tools to monitor brand mentions on social media and the web including sentiment.
Feature not available
Keyword Tracking
Quality of tools to track keywords, topics or hashtags.
Feature not available
Trend Analysis
Quality of tools to conduct trend analysis research.
Feature not available
Competitor Analysis
Quality of tools to monitor conversations about your competitors.
Feature not available

Ads Campaign Management and optimization

Feature Rating Comments
Campaign Dashboard
Provides a campaign dashboard for all existing ads.
Campaign Optimization
Quality of tools to help you optimize your ad campaigns.
Breath of partner sites where you can display ads.
Bulk Editing
Quality of bulk editing features and publish to multiple platforms.
Batch Uploading
Quality of batch uploading tools for ad creatives.
Brand Safety
Quality of safety procedures to ensure ads are placed on trusted websites.
Fraud Protection
Bot and spam filters to ensure ad metrics are from human interactions.
Frequency Capping
Quality of tools to limit the number of times a user can see the same ad.
Feature not available
Budget Pacing
Quality of budget management tools including bidding.
Feature not available
Creative Optimization
Tools for creating and optimizing creative components for ads.
Feature not available
Rich Media Capabilities
Capabilities for rich media display and video ads that include user interaction.
Feature not available
In-App Ads
Ability to place ads in mobile apps.
Feature not available
Paid Keyword Optimization
Quality of tools to optimize paid keywords to drive more traffic.
Ad Extensions
Ability to manage ad extensions such as click-to-call buttons.
Feature not available
Product Listing Ads
Ability to publish Product Listing Ads.
Feature not available
Task Assignment
Ability to schedule tasks to designers, content writers, and editors.
Feature not available


Feature Rating Comments
Default reports
Quality of the default reports.
Custom Reports and Dashboards
Ability for users to create custom reports and dashboards.
Report Customizability
Allows users to manipulate reports and deep-diving data provided by the app.
Report Exporting
Ability to export reports to .pdf, .csv, or .xsl.
White Label
Allows users to add their branding to reports.
Ability to set up custom alerts through notifications.

Social Management and Analytics

Feature Rating Comments
Social Analytics
Reporting capabilities on social media posts.
Feature not available
Social Publishing
Capability of tools to create, manage, and schedule content to various social media platforms.
Feature not available
Social Engagement
Quality of tools to manage social media engagement such as comments and conversations.
Feature not available
Social Ads
Quality of tools to manage and optimize social media ads.
Feature not available
Campaign Planning
Capabilities to categorize singular posts in social media campaigns.
Feature not available
Competitor Analysis
Quality of social competitive analysis tools.
Feature not available
Follower Analysis
Reports on follower demographics.
Feature not available
Post Performance
Quality of reporting tools for social media engagement such as views, likes and comments.
Feature not available
Paid Campaign Tracking
Quality of tools reporting on paid social media campaigns.
Feature not available
Hashtag Analytics
Quality of tools reporting on hashtag performance.
Feature not available
Sentiment Analysis
Quality of tools to assess the sentiment of your brand on social media.
Feature not available

Local Search Optimization

Feature Rating Comments
Rank Tracking
Quality of tools reporting on the rankings in local search results.
Feature not available
Online Listings
Capabilities to distribute listing information to directories and search engines.
Feature not available
Google My Business
Quality of tools to optimize Google My Business.
Feature not available
Reputation Management
Quality of tools that monitor reviews and brand reputation.
Feature not available

Listing Management

Feature Rating Comments
Network Directory
Capabilities to submit location data to a range of digital services.
Feature not available
Data Aggregators
Capabilities to submit location data to data aggregators.
Feature not available
Duplicate Monitoring
Quality of tools that monitors directories and remove duplicate listings.
Feature not available
Capabilities to enhance listings with photos and other rich data.
Feature not available


Take a look at the top alternatives to Serpstat.


Discover how Serpstat stacks up against other products in the category: SEO.
Semrush vs Serpstat Comparison
Semrush VS Serpstat Comparison View comparison


How large is the Serpstat database?

The Serpstat database contains 6.93 billion keywords, 1.62 billion domains, 202.61 million ads, and 4.54 billion search suggestions. Serpstat has data on 1.6 trillion backlinks.

How often does Serpstat update keywords?

Serpstat updates its keyword database daily.

How do I get access to the Serpstat academy?

You can visit the Serpstat academy by visiting this page. Simply create a new account and get started to learn more about Serpstat.

Does Serpstat integrate with Google Sheets or Google Data Studio?

Yes, you can integrate Serpstat with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio so that you can create your reports and manipulate the data. You can find the connector to Google Data Studio here. You can find the Google Sheets connector here.

Does Serpstat offer a trial?

Yes, Serpstat does offer a free trial to the readers of Markletic.

To activate your trial, visit Serpstat, create your account and then go to your account page.

Trial - Serpstat review

Click on activate the trial and use the code markletic_trial for a free 5-day trial.

trial code - Serpstat review
Which pricing plans of Serpstat should I pick?

Bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses are best to go for their entry-level “Lite” package.

Medium-sized businesses that have multiple people working on SEO should go for the “Standard” or “Advanced” packages, depending on the size of your team.

Enterprise companies should go for the “Enterprise” package which will unlock the most team members and the ability to white-label reports.


Serpstat is an excellent SEO tool to find new keywords, get technical SEO data, and analyze backlinks. Serpstat focuses its product offerings exclusively on tools to improve your search engine rankings. This means that the range of available tools is lower than competitors such as Semrush which also offers tools such as Social Media tracking.

However, the quality of the tools that Serpstat provides is of high quality, and therefore, users will find that they receive great value for money.

Try Serpstat for Free!
See if it's the right tool for you. Use the code "markletic_trial" for a free 5-day trial.
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