When you're looking for a reliable email service provider to send out newsletters and triggered emails, ConvertKit is one name that always comes up. This is because it has a reputation for offering advanced features that can help build an engaging and responsive online presence for businesses. 

It is one of the most celebrated email marketing software platforms, and we are here to explore the secrets behind this tool. By the end of this ConvertKit review, you will have the facts that can help you decide whether it is the right email marketing tool for you.

The Verdict

We tried the ConvertKit tool to see what all the fuss was about, and the results were promising.

It's easy to see why creators and marketers love ConvertKit, and consistently suggest it to both businesses and individual creators that require robust sequences and automation.

It is designed to streamline everything for people who don't want their resources and time to go in vain because of the technicalities of other tools with similar functionalities. Once you've mastered ConvertKit, you'll have more time to work on actually producing content or, maybe, running your business.

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What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a robust email marketing platform for digital creators. It is well-suited to fulfill the needs of bloggers, photographers, authors, web developers, graphic designers, illustrators, consultants, freelance writers, public speakers, and the like – ConvertKit was exclusively designed to help novice marketers.

While the platform is comparatively new in the marketing software landscape, it has already proven effective at helping creators connect and interact with their fans while also adding a revenue stream to their businesses via paid content. 

What is ConvertKit Used For?

This feature-rich email marketing tool makes it easy for anyone to get anyone to start sending out emails, newsletters, and even gated content. In addition, the software enables creators to grow their audience base through email marketing, with a variety of ways to personalize almost every aspect of your email campaigns. 

ConvertKit also offers the functionality of embedded forms on your site to help you turn spontaneous blog readers into paid subscribers. Even if you don't have a site, you can effortlessly build landing pages via the platform, allowing you to acquire email marketing recipients. 

Who Should Use ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an excellent fit for small businesses, new bloggers, and anyone who publishes a lot of content and wants more eyes on it. Whether you are just getting started or have prior experience in email marketing, it doesn't matter, as ConvertKit is designed to streamline and simplify the process for all its users alike.

The platform does lack some design features. However, the software was specifically built for small businesses or people in the initial phases of email marketing and those who don't have large email lists. Therefore, design specifications aren't very high on the requirement list for this market.

Ultimately, ConvertKit is an ideal platform for content publishers and other companies that aim to perform marketing via email marketing platform. 

ConvertKit Features

While some may argue that ConvertKit has somewhat similar or even the same features/functionality as other platforms, there's one key difference to bear in mind.

Even though sequences, automation, proper list management, and tagging are available in other counterparts, the customers aren't educated on how to use them.

This is where ConvertKit comes in handy. You don't have to spend your money and time to master the tool. It's straightforward to use. As a result, you can get great segmentation/sequences up and running quickly without the hassle.


Broadcast Overview – ConvertKit Review

Instead of leveraging lists to manage all your subscribers (the word that the platform uses for contacts), ConvertKit email marketing software lets you use email tags. You can define various tags and add as many of them as necessary according to your preference for a particular subscriber.

You can easily choose which forms, tags, and autoresponders to add when you add subscribers. ConvertKit also allows you to migrate subscribers from other email marketing providers.

ConvertKit is a pretty analytics-focused platform and covers subscribers. It monitors essential metrics related to subscribers, such as

  • Total subscribers
  • New subscribers
  • Average click rate
  • Average open rate

For instance, you get access to granular reports regarding purchase metrics for your ecommerce store, including all the products your subscribers have bought and the channels they leveraged to reach the purchase point.


If you aim to deliver customized and tailored content to specific audiences, it is imperative to segment and classifies your customers accurately. With ConvertKit, you can effortlessly add multiple conditions per your preference and requirements to create different segments, including and excluding customers based on various criteria.

Applicable scenarios include:

  • Purchase behavior
  • Subscription date
  • Location

Landing Pages And Forms

Landing Page overview – ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit landing pages and E-forms turn out to be fully functional and expedient.  And as with all the other features of the platform, these are presented in a visually appealing and beautifully designed user interface.

Apart from ConvertKit landing page templates and the basic editing options for font, color, text size, background, etc., it offers several advanced features, including the ability to:

  • Automatically send out incentive emails to new subscribers
  • Select which action to take on your website when a visitor fills in the form
  • Modify text shown in social media and search results 
  • Alter what is displayed to the returning customers/visitors

And even if you don't own a website, don't fret, as ConvertKit can host the landing page for you on its domain and server.

Auto Responders

Autoresponders are email sequences that the feature sends automatically when a visitor/customer takes action or some other condition is met, such as two days had passed when you sent the last email.

ConvertKit simplifies the task of creating intricate autoresponders. The initial step is to choose the action, event, or condition where you can:

  • Get users to fill out a form
  • Tag and add new subscribers
  • Buy a product

Furthermore, the ConvertKit autoresponders also offer automation templates that you can leverage if you aren't sure what steps can work best to achieve your goals. These templates include:

  • Launch a product
  • Host a webinar
  • Optimized newsletters to send when your customers are most likely to be active and open them
  • Follow up with visitors who haven't purchased yet

Ease Of Use

Initially, when you log in to ConvertKit, it will ask you whether you want to migrate existing info from other email newsletter software and if you already own a website. Answer these questions and proceed to set up the options and interface.

It also offers a checklist to enable you to get started with its powerful email tools.

ConvertKit email marketing solution centers on managing subscribers instead of formulating appealing emails, as the choices are related to the process of running a campaign (automating sequences, segmenting, etc.) instead of the email itself.

It provides a variety of ways to help you get acquainted with their platform. For example, when you access a feature for the first time, it shows a demo video about it to let you understand how it functions.

While you don’t get a central dashboard that can give you an overview of the campaign, it's possible to access all the metrics in their respective menus.

As there are no options to create an email, you need to play around with the platform before realizing that you have to select either the Sequences or Broadcast option from the menu bar.

Premium Customer Support

Customer Support Overview – ConvertKit Review

The most noticeably exceptional benefit of leveraging ConvertKit that has no association with their product's power and functionality is their robust customer support.

ConvertKit's training and support are quite helpful for anyone new to the email marketing world.

They offer:

  • An extensive and searchable knowledge base
  • A series of detailed how-to guides
  • Tradecraft, ConvertKit's blog is filled with in-depth articles about how to earn a living online and on email marketing
  • A Creator Community
  • On-demand and live workshops, including technical tutorials
  • And email or live chat with product specialists

So, if you ever run into a problem with ConvertKit, you will be pleased to hear that their support is just an email away.

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Pros Of Convertkit

Many professional bloggers and digital creators who moved from other email marketing platforms to ConvertKit, including us, agree that the benefits of this software to the business are way beyond what other tools are offering.

So let us dive deeper into some of the core advantages of ConvertKit:

The Tag-Based System Automate Your Email Marketing Seamlessly

You can effortlessly tag your subscribers depending on the specific actions you define. This takes customization to the next level that helps you cater to your subscribers' needs and ultimately generate more income. You can also leverage tags to classify your email list on different factors such as interest, etc.

Many times, visitors say what they want, but they end up buying or doing something else. Hence, the ideal way to know what your recipients want is via their interactions with your website content.

Which pages are they more interested in? Through which files did they opt into the list of subscribers?

When you know your subscriber's area of interest, you know the appropriate offer to send to entice them. This is the personalization level businesses are moving on to, which you can implement via this platform.

With ConvertKit, you enjoy powerful automation and segmentation.

Convertkit Is Simple And Intuitive 

Interface Overview – ConvertKit Review

One of the platform's goals was to build a simple tool for email marketing so that professionals can have essential features they need to attend to prospects and customers better and sell their products. As a result, the analytics dashboard is clean and easy to use.

ConvertKit is minimalistic and straightforward. For most of the features and functionality in ConvertKit, you will not have to look up any guides or contact their support.

Since the tool's inception, ConvertKit has highlighted user experience and ease of use. However, once you leverage it, you will notice a variety of features are just a click away, regardless of simple or advanced features.

For instance, embedding Instagram and YouTube images and videos is as easy as copy-pasting the link - ConvertKit does the rest. 

It Has Built-In Email Courses And Sequences

Email Sequence behavior overview – ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit is an easy platform that delivers your email courses and strategically uses the landing pages to grow your audience base.

It is also pretty simple to create email sequences. For example, you can eradicate visitors/customers who have bought your course through a series of emails or send out more messages to those who got to your cart/sales page but didn't make the final purchase.

This is vital if you want to sell e-books and other informational material about products to all your email subscribers.

Cons of ConvertKit

Like any other platform, ConvertKit isn't 100% perfect. There are various aspects. Even though there has been constant improvement, failing to point them out can lead to inefficiencies in processes.

Here are a few possible issues that can put you off this tool::

It Is Difficult To Eliminate Inactive Subscribers From The Email List

It is imperative to remove the inactive subscribers from your email list to decrease your engagement rate, specifically if you leverage a single opt-in on your site.

However, to refine your subscriber list who haven't been engaging and interacting with your content for quite a long time, you will have to contact the platform's customer support as it doesn't allow you to do so yourself. So the process can be time-consuming.

Its Popup Cookie Can Be Placed In When The Visitor Hasn't Seen It Yet

Your email subscription form's popup should be viewed when the visitors land on your site in your automation. So, a cookie registers on the site when the customer has seen your popup.

Once the user unsubscribes from the email list, they don't receive any future emails from the company.

Sometimes, users may only need to exclude themselves from an email series about a particular event or topic. If they unsubscribe, they will end up not getting any email from you.

Fewer Templates Than Other Providers

If you want visually appealing templates for your emails, ConvertKit may not be an appropriate solution for you. That's because this email software platform motivates you to draft your emails as simple as possible.

ConvertKit Pricing Plans

The ConvertKit pricing model is pretty straightforward.

You get to choose from:

ConvertKit Free Plan

The ConvertKit free trial enables you to list 1,000 subscribers and offers:

  • Access to the premium landing page templates (you also get these on their paid plans)
  • Unlimited Email Broadcasts
  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • Tagging
  • And more

However, their free plan doesn't include:

  • Reporting (for broadcasts)
  • Visual Automation builder
  • Integrations
  • Automated email sequences
  • Premium customer support
  • Free concierge migration from another email service provider

This can be or cannot be a deal-breaker depending on your requirements. For instance, if you are starting and wish to gather emails and send out the special broadcast email, then ConvertKit is a great option.

The ConvertKit free plan is great for the following users:

  • People who just want to capture emails and haven't created the product just yet
  • People who are aware that captivating the audience's attention via emails is essential but are not ready to send automated email responders
  • People who aim to test and experiment with whether their email opt-in strategies work and which ones don't
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ConvertKit Creator Plan

The Creator Plan is the solution that most small to medium-sized online businesses usually prefer.

The paid Creator plan begins at $29/month for 1,000 subscribers and augments based on the number of subscribers that you gain. With the Creator Pro plan, you can start at $59/month with more premium features.

However, the subscription costs increase by subscribers per month once you cross the initial 1000 subscribers. 

The Creator Plan has all the features from the Free Plan and more.

  • Visual automation funnels
  • Free migration from other Email Service Providers
  • Priority email support
  • Automated sequences

ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan

The Creator Pro Plan helps companies that want premium support and cutting-edge functionality, such as enterprise or large businesses.

With the Creator Pro Plan, pricing begins at $59/month for up to 1000 subscribers.

The Creator Pro Plan consists of everything from the Creator Plan and Free Plan plus:

  • A newsletter referral system
  • Social media customized audiences
  • Advanced deliverability reporting
  • Subscriber engagement scoring
  • Premium email support

Additionally, ConvertKit also provides a 14-day free trial that enables you to take a walk through the platform and its features without a formal commitment. 

The software also has a 30-day refund policy. So even if you aren't satisfied with ConvertKit, you can get your money back. In addition, you can easily get in touch with their support team through email or live chat and cancel your registration within 30 days of purchasing the product.

Wrapping Up

ConvertKit has tons of incredible and robust features:

  • You don't need a website to leverage their templates for landing page
  • Their new editor has an intuitive interface and is easy to use which is elegantly simple,
  • A considerable number of advanced tagging and segmentation rules that you can implement

These are all the reasons why you may choose ConvertKit as your email marketing software.

While it's not the low-cost email marketing platform out there, they offer all the latest features on their paid plans, irrespective of the number of subscribers that you have registered on your account.

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