In this Mailerlite review, I’m going to put the new kid on the block to the test when it comes to email marketing software.

I’ve used Mailerlite for a few years now and in this review, we’ll dive into the wonderful features of Mailerlite as well as areas of improvement.

For easy navigation, please reference the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Our Verdict

Mailerlite has a modern take on software development. Their platform has been designed intuitively, and it’s effortless to use. The user experience is top-notch. This is ideal for people who are new to the world of email marketing.

Mailerlite offers everything you’d expect from email marketing software including:

  • Visual email builders & templates;
  • Visual landing page builders & templates;
  • The ability to create sign-up forms and pop-up forms;
  • Integrations with other marketing tools and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce;
  • Email marketing automation & personalization features.

The sweet spot of Mailerlite lies with small to medium businesses. The email marketing automation features that Mailerlite offers are great for the aforementioned businesses.

Larger companies will have more advanced email marketing automation requirements. For large companies, I’d advise looking at alternatives such as Marketo or Hubspot.

Out of all the email marketing software that I’ve tested, Mailerlite is on the top of the list when it comes to value for money. Their pricing model is extremely transparent and you unlock all features as soon as you start paying.

In comparison, other email marketing vendors often allow you to unlock new features on more expensive subscription plans.

Mailerlite is free for people with fewer than 1000 subscribers. The paid plans start from 1001-2500 subscribers at $15 per month. As your subscribers increase, the monthly price will increment.

Overall, we score Mailerlite 4 out of 5 stars for small to medium businesses. 

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What is Mailerlite?

Mailerlite is a relatively new email marketing software that has a modern view of software development - Keep things simple, clean and focus on features that their customers need and love to use.

However, don’t be fooled by their name. Mailerlite’s software offers an extensive list of features ranging from email automation, e-commerce integration, visual email & landing page editors, A/B testing, and advanced analytical features.

We will dive into those features later in this Mailerlite review.

Mailerlite currently has over 1 million active users, including companies such as GoPro, Marvel & BMW. Not bad considering the company was founded in 2010. 

Who is Mailerlite for?

I’d say that the sweet spot of Mailerlite is small to medium-sized companies. Their email marketing software offers features that are advanced enough for:

  • E-commerce websites that are looking to send emails to increase sales based on purchase activities (including cart abandonment, sales, or newsletter).
  • Bloggers who are looking for a solid tool to build a subscriber list.
  • Small to medium businesses that use email marketing to convert leads into marketing qualified leads for sales and don’t need advanced automation.
  • Small to medium businesses who often create landing pages to capture new leads and warm them up using email marketing.

The features of Mailerlite are excellent for the audiences mentioned above. It’s email marketing software that is very intuitive and delivers the right amount of complexity for those audiences. Besides, the value for money that you get is in my opinion outstanding. However, more on that later.

For companies that are larger such as enterprises, you’ll need marketing automation software that’s a little more advanced such as Marketo or Hubspot.

Mailerlite Pricing & Trial

The best part about this Mailerlite review is coming up right now.

From all the email marketing tools that I’ve tested over the years, Mailerlite is on the top when it comes to value for money.

The pricing structure of Mailerlite is very transparent. For people who have less than 1000 subscribers, the tool is even free. The only caveat is that the Mailerlite logo will be in the footer of your emails.

Mailerlite Review - pricing
Mailerlite pricing

What I  like about Mailerlite’s pricing structure is the transparency. With other email marketing vendors, you will unlock features as you pay for more expensive packages.

With Mailerlite, you unlock all features as soon as you start paying. This means that you will have access to all the features including email marketing automation for as little as $10 per month. This money is really easy to earn back through your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce store with 7500 subscribers. All you need to do is get sales equivalent to $50 to earn back your Mailerlite subscription. This is incredibly easy to achieve.

Mailerlite’s pricing gets more expensive according to your subscribers. This is a pricing model that’s standard for email marketing software.

Mailerlite review - pricing 100000
Pricing for larger subscriber lists.

See the full pricing details here.

Even if you read 10 other Mailerlite reviews, you’ll never fully understand if the tool is suitable for you without experiencing the platform.

Therefore, my recommendation is to sign up for a free trial version of Mailerlite. This will give you hands-on experience and it will help your decision-making process. You’ll have access to all paid features for 14 days.

In my opinion, the value for money that you’ll experience with Mailerlite is unprecedented compared to other email marketing software providers. However, only you are the judge if that’s the case for you as well.

Try Mailerlite for free!
Get access to all paid features for 14 days.

Mailerlite Integrations

One of the first things that I look at when reviewing email marketing software is the list of integrations. The last thing you want is having to transfer data between your email marketing software and your e-commerce store or CRM, for example.

The good news is that Mailerlite integrates with practically any other tool because they have a Zapier integration.

Also, Mailerlite integrates seamlessly with platforms such as:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • OptinMonster
  • Paypal
  • Zoho CRM
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Intercom

At the time of writing, they have 123 integrations. Below a summary of their integration categories. 

Mailerlite Review - integration categories
All Integrations by category.

Here you can see every integration available. What I like about their integrations is that Mailerlite has a page for every integration that explains how to set it up correctly. 

Mailerlite Review - Shopify Integration
Shopify Integration

Personally, I’ve integrated Mailerlite with Zoho CRM and it was really a seamless experience.

Creating emails in Mailerlite

Next up in this Mailerlite review, we will cover the various paths you can take to develop emails.

Mailerlite offers 4 ways to develop emails, namely through:

  • A visual drag & drop editor;
  • A rich-text editor;
  • A legacy rich-text editor;
  • And through a customer HTML editor for experts.

Most people will develop emails through their visual editor which is a neath tool to develop newsletters and visually appealing emails.

I like to send my emails mostly in plain text and Mailerlite makes this very easy as well.

Anyways, let’s take a look at the primary way to develop emails: the drag & drop editor.

Mailerlite review drag and drop editor
Email Builder of Mailerlite.

As you can see, the design of the tool is modern and intuitive. On the left panel, you will find a lot of predesigned components to develop your emails.

On the right side of the tool, you will find your email setting and as you navigate through your email, you will be able to adjust block settings here.

Once you’ve selected a block, you get access to a few additional settings such as moving the block up or down, adding dynamic content, duplication, and deletion.

Mailerlite review email block settings
Block Settings in the email editor.

Of course, in this day and age, personalization is key to email marketing success. As you’d expect from an email marketing tool, Mailerlite gives you the ability to add merge tags or variable content.

This allows you to create a dynamic salutation such as:

Hi ($first_name), which will result in “Hi Ricky”.

Mailerlite review merge tags
Email merge tags for dynamic content.

When you’re happy with your new email design, you can save it as a template. This means that you won’t have to design the same email over and over.

An important part of email marketing is testing your design and emails before sending them to your audience. Mailerlite offers a preview of your emails so that you can see if everything is working as expected.

Mailerlite review preview email
Email preview on mobile.

Now, not everyone is a designer, so sometimes it can be hard to develop visually appealing newsletters that also convert well.

Mailerlite currently has an email template gallery that contains over 70 templates that you can use. These are professionally designed templates and have been tested for performance.

Mailerlite review email template gallery
Email templates.

Email Automation & Personalization features

This is perhaps my favorite part of this Mailerlite review. I love marketing automation and it’s something that I analyze in the early stages of email marketing software selection.

One of Mailerlite’s features is the ability to build workflow. The interface is extremely clean and intuitive. Even people with no experience in building workflows can get their hands dirty.

When you first open up the workflow building, it will look like this:

Mailerlite review workflow start
Email marketing automation start screen.

It’s a clean slate and on the right, you will be able to select a trigger for your workflow. In other words, an activity that will cause the workflow to activate.

Currently, you can select the following triggers:

  • When a subscriber joins a group;
  • When a subscriber completes a form;
  • When a subscriber clicks a link;
  • Updated field;
  • The anniversary of a date;
  • The exact match of a date.

Ecommerce stores will get a few additional triggers such as:

  • Purchase any product
  • Purchase specific product
  • Purchase from category

Experienced marketers will now see some of the limitations of the platform for larger companies that need advanced automation such as emails based on webpage visits.

However, these are ideal for bloggers, small companies, and small e-commerce stores. I have to reinforce that Mailerlite offers email marketing software and not marketing automation software.

Below is an example of a basic welcome workflow that triggers when there is a new subscriber added to your list. 

Mailerlite review workflow
Email automation workflow.

One thing that I’d like Mailerlite to add is templates of workflows. This will help new users create more effective workflows a bit faster. It also gives new users inspiration. 

Mailerlite makes it very easy to build basic workflows. It’s designed for users who are looking for simple workflows such as welcome emails, updated fields, or anniversaries.

For e-commerce stores, you’ll be able to run workflows based on purchasing activities. It won’t take you long to set up these workflows. You can create purchasing groups on Mailerlite so that you can send emails to people based on their purchase categories.

This makes the emails more relevant and therefore it increases the chances of getting additional sales.

Mailerlite offers most of the features that small businesses need for basic email marketing automation. However, if you’re looking for something more advanced, then Mailerlite is not your tool.

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Subscriber forms builders

Naturally, there are plenty of ways to add new subscribers to Mailer. As you saw earlier, there are loads of integrations available. The native way that Mailerlite allows you to automatically add people to your lists is through subscriber forms.

Mailerlite allows you to build forms through three main formats namely:

  • Embedded forms;
  • Pop-ups;
  • Promotions.

By now, we know that Mailerlite is all about simplicity. So, how difficult is it to build forms?

Let’s start by looking at building an embedded form. As soon as you open the visual builder, you will see the default screen below.

Embedded Forms

Mailerlite Review - embedded forms
Form builder.

You can easily add additional fields such as “First Name” & “Last Name”. If you have any custom fields on Mailerlite, you can add those as well.

Mailerlite makes it very easy to change the design of the forms so you can easily brand them according to your branding guidelines.

There are a few settings that you can change regarding your forms such as adding a privacy policy, confirmation checkboxes, GDPR fields, and reCAPTCHA. For all the settings you can change, reference the image below.

Mailerlite review- embedded form settings
Form settings.

When you’re done editing your new form, you’ll be taken to a page with some additional settings including double opt-in settings which is crucial for privacy legislations such as the GDPR.

From here, you can also use your new form for automation workflows within Mailerlite.

Mailerlite review - double opt in
Options for double opt-in.

Naturally, you also have the option to either create a thank you page using the Mailerlite domain or your own domain name.

Now, what about the implementation of these forms? In other words, how do you get these forms on your website?

Mailerlite offers two ways to implement the forms on your website.

  1. JavaScript snippet
  2. HTML code

It’s up to you which one you prefer. I usually go for plain HTML as I like to minimize the amount of JavaScript on my websites. 

Mailerlite review - form implementation
Form implementation.

Mailerlite will give you insight into the following data points of your forms:

  • Subscribers collected
  • Views
  • Conversion
  • Daily Stats

This will give you a good understanding of the performance of your forms.

Pop-up forms

In terms of settings and analytics, the same applies to pop-up forms. So if you’re wondering what settings you can change regarding pop-up forms, simply read the section regarding embedded forms above. This way, I can keep this Mailerlite review short and concise!

Mailerlite offers templates for pop-up forms so that you don’t have to design them. 

Mailerlite review - popup forms
Pop-up form templates.

Mailerlite offers 5 types of pop-up forms namely:

  • Featured
  • Fullscreen
  • Slidebox
  • Half-screen
  • Floating bar
Mailerlite review - pop up form types
Types of pop-up forms.

Similar to the embedded form builder, you can build your pop-up forms through a drag and drop editor which is very intuitive.

You’ll be able to edit the pop-up form as well as the success message that you can fully customize.

The pop-up builder offers some additional behavioral features such as:

  • Pop-up delays
  • Frequency
  • Scheduling tools
  • Visibility settings. 
Mailerlite review- pop up form behavior_
Pop-up form behavioural settings

The implementation of these pop-ups on your website is done through a simple JavaScript snippet.

This is really useful and it will eliminate the need for other plugins or tools on your website to display pop-up forms to your audience. 

Email Campaign optimization features

In the modern world of marketing, you always need to be testing things. Small tweaks in email can result in additional sales or any other conversion.

So next up in this Mailerlite review, we will go over some of the features that Mailerlite offers to optimize your email campaigns. More specifically, we will cover:

  • A/B testing features
  • Delivering emails by time zones
  • Auto resending
  • Click maps

A/B testing with Mailerlite

For people who are unfamiliar with A/B testing, it’s the act of testing two versions of an email with small variations. The two variations are delivered to a small part of your audience, and the winning email will be sent to the remaining majority of your subscriber list.

The goal is to see which email performs better which will result in more conversions.

With Mailerlite, you are able to test the email subject, the “From Name”, and the email content.

Mailerlite review - a b testing
A/B testing

Once you’ve selected what you want to test, you’ll have to select the size of your test audience. I usually pick a test audience of 20-30%, but this depends on your list size. Pick a number in which you’re confident it will provide enough statistical significance.

Mailerlite review - a b testing sample size
Selecting a testing group.

That’s it. Now launch your campaign and wait for the results to come in!

Delivering emails by time zones

As soon as people fill in your subscriber forms, Mailerlite will detect from which country your new subscriber is from.

This is incredibly useful for audience segmentation but also for a feature we are going to review now.

By knowing the timezone of your subscribers, you can send emails when they are most likely to open them. If you send an email in the middle of the night, you will have a lower chance of your audience opening the email.

On the contrary, if you send an email at 10 AM, right after your audience has cleared their inbox, it’s more likely that they will open and read your email.

Well, Mailerlite offers a feature that allows you to deliver emails according to the time zone of your audience. This is bound to improve your open rates!

Auto resending

So what if people still don’t open my emails?

Well, Mailerlite has got you covered. The next feature that we will review is the automatic resending of emails.

Typically, you can expect an open rate of about 30-40%. This means that 60-70% of your audience did not read your email! That’s a lot of untapped potential.

However, a donkey never hits the same stone twice. You can’t expect to send the same email and get better performance. You need to make changes.

So, Mailerlite offers you to customize your email before sending it again automatically. You can change the following aspects of an email:

  • Email subject
  • Email subject and personal message (this will add a personal message on the top of the earlier email)
  • Email subject and email content
Mailerlite review - auto resending
Automatic resending of email settings

Click maps

Some people are great at interpreting data. Other people are more visual and that’s where click maps come in handy.

When looking at the performance of your email marketing campaigns, Mailerlite offers click maps. This is a heat map that will show you exactly where your audience clicked. 

This is useful to see if your email design is working as intended. It gives insights into if people are clicking on the right buttons.

Mailerlite review - click maps
Click maps

Mailerlite and E-commerce platforms

Mailerlite offers various features regarding e-commerce. Perhaps the most important ones are the integrations with Shopify and Woocommerce.

This unlocks a whole lot of automation features and as a result, you will be able to drive more sales through email marketing.

You can import your products to Mailerlite and create customizable email blocks. By importing your products automatically, you’ll save a lot of time as you won’t have to upload images manually et cetera.

It is well-known that personalized emails perform better than standard emails. If someone is recently purchased dog food on your e-commerce site, it doesn’t make sense to send that person an email with toys for cats.

You can automate email marketing based on purchases with Mailerlite, but also if people abandon their shopping cart.

Of course, Mailerlite also gives you insights into the number of sales that were generated through email marketing. Depending on your products, you’ll likely earn Mailerlite back with a few sales from email marketing. 

Mailerlite review - ecommerce
E-commerce stats

If you have a store with Shopify or Woocommerce, then Mailerlite will be able to fulfill your needs. It offers some really useful automation features.

However, if you require more advanced automation and features, then Mailerlite might be too simplistic for you. This is usually relevant for larger e-commerce stores.

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Creating landing pages in Mailerlite

The next feature that we will cover in this Mailerlite review are landing pages.

For some use cases, it can be useful to create landing pages. You will see that many email marketing providers are offering similar features.

Typically, I just create my landing pages on my website rather than depending on external services.

However, for people who don’t have experience in web development, it can be useful to create landing pages for campaigns on platforms such as Mailerlite.

Mailerlite does make it very easy to create landing pages and websites through their visual builder.

When creating your landing page, you will be presented with loads of templates that you can select.

Mailerlite review - website templates
Landing page templates.

As soon as you select a template, the visual builder will load. This allows you to make changes to the template and implement things such as your logo. Also, Mailerlite has preconfigured building blocks such as social media icons.

Mailerlite review - landing page content blocks
Blocks for building landing pages.

This is very useful to create landing pages fast. I can see this working well for e-commerce stores that need to create many landing pages with promotional content.

Your landing pages will be hosted on the mailerpage subdomain. In other words, the URL to your landing page will look something like this:

Now, for many companies, this is not ideal. The good news is that Mailerlite allows you to add custom domains. This means that you can host Mailerlite landing pages on your own subdomain. In other words, your URL would look like this:

Much better!

Mailerlite allows you to add your Google Analytics tracking code as well as your Facebook pixel tracking code. If you want, you can also add custom code to the <head> and into the <body> tags.

All in all, this is an exceptionally useful feature for creating landing pages fast or even testing landing page design before implementing them on your own website.

Tracking & Analytics

A huge part of email marketing is tracking your campaigns. You need to understand what content is resonating well with your audience. 

For every campaign, Mailerlite offers a really nice set of analytical reports & dashboards.

Mailerlite review - analytics
Email marketing statistics

In the overview dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze data related to:

  • Total email sent
  • Opened rates
  • Clicked rates
  • Unsubscribed rates
  • Spam complaints
  • Hard & soft bounces
  • Email clients
  • Link activity

If you want, you can also export this data which is useful if you are going to present it to other people. It saves you from taking screenshots of all the reports.

You’ll also be able to see a world map of where people opened your emails.

Mailerlite review - world map analytics
World map of opens

Mailerlite and GDPR Compliance

Naturally, privacy legislation around the world is tightening up. If you are dealing with the data of Europeans, you need to have email marketing software that is GDPR compliant.

Mailerlite has implemented features that allow you to collect data from subscribers according to privacy legislation. When creating a subscriber form, you can add a GDPR sentence below the form.

You also can add confirmation boxes to collect explicit consent.

In some countries, it’s mandatory to collect double opt-in for your subscribers. This means that your new subscribers will receive an email in which they have to confirm their email addresses.

This is what I recommend doing anyway because it means that you will fill your subscriber list with people who want to receive your emails.

Mailerlite review - gdpr
GDPR Confirmation checkboxes

Migration to Mailerlite experience

So, I’m someone that loves marketing tools. This means that I’ve tested many of them over the years. When it comes to email marketing tools, I typically migrate a portion of my full email database for testing purposes.

If you’re currently working with another email marketing provider, then chances are that you have a significant amount of subscribers. You also don’t want to spend days migrating your database to Mailerlite.

My personal experience has been seamless. I exported my database at another email marketing provider and all I had to do was upload them to Mailerlite.

One thing to check after uploading your list to Mailerlite is the GDPR consent. You’ve worked hard to collect those opt-ins, so double-check if the GDPR consent status has been loaded in successfully.

If you’re worried about doing this yourself, Mailerlite also offers a migration service. This is what they will do for you.

Mailerlite review - migration service
Migration service offering.

Mailerlite Pros and Cons

In this Mailerlite review, we’ve covered a lot of items. Let’s run through some pros and cons to sum it up.

Mailerlite pros

  • It’s an intuitive software that focuses on simplicity - great for users who are tipping their toes into the world of email marketing.
  • Extremely good value for money. It’s even free for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • The team behind Mailerlite is constantly innovating and adding new features.
  • They have an excellent education program consisting of helpful articles and webinars.
  • The customer service team is stellar. They are very responsive and assisted me numerous times.
  • It’s very easy to build email marketing workflows that automate a lot of your email marketing efforts.
  • Mailerlite integrates with many other marketing tools

Mailerlite cons

  • Automation features are too basic for complex users and larger companies. On the other side, for smaller businesses they are absolutely fine.
  • The preview mode can be improved to get a more accurate visualization of your emails in more email clients.
  • The reporting features are quite basic. A data geek like me wants access to more granular data.
  • You are unable to upload PDFs at this point.
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Mailerlite academy

Using new software always comes with a learning curve depending on your experience with email marketing software.

Fortunately, Mailerlite has many resources that will help you to shorten that learning curve.

Personally, it didn’t take me long to send the first emails through Mailerlite but I do have experience with email marketing software.

To learn more about Mailerlite and email marketing in general, you can tap into the following resources:

In case this isn’t enough for you, or you simply want someone to guide you through the platform, Mailerlite also has an expert directory.

Mailerlite Q&A

Does Mailerlite have a WordPress integration or plugin?

Yes, Mailerlite has an official WordPress plugin. You can view the plugin here

Does Mailerlite have landing pages?

Yes, you can create landing pages and websites through Mailerlite. You can add your own customized domains which help with branding and consumer confidence.

Does Mailerlite have an app?

Mailerlite currently only has an app for IOS. 

Is Mailerlite free?

Mailerlite is free for people who have fewer than 1000 subscribers. If you have more than 1000 subscribers, then Mailerlite will cost $15 per month for 1001-2500 subscribers.

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