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People are getting more impatient as time progresses. When completing a form on your website, people expect an email confirmation straight away.

With AWeber, you can set up autoresponders that trigger emails when certain criteria are met.

An example is when people download an eBook on your website. An autoresponder on AWeber can automatically send the pdf version of the eBook to your audience.

By the way, you can also create forms using AWeber, see our walkthrough here.

Before we dive into how to use AWeber autoresponders, a quick word on the benefits.

Benefits of using AWeber autoresponders

Below are the 3 main benefits of using AWeber autoresponders.

1. Staying Relevant 

A report from Epsilon says that triggered emails have 77% higher open rates and a whopping 152% higher click rates. Do you know why? Because they get sent at the right time. With emails, timing matters as much as the content itself. 

Let’s say you send cart abandonment reminder emails; you should not wait until the sale is over to send the message. Good timing would be when the price drops or when the stock is almost running out. This will urge the customer to complete the order. With AWeber autoresponders, you can ensure your leads don't get distracted and are carefully led onto the sales funnel 

2. Designing Auto Replies - Save Time And Costs

Even though auto-replies are a crucial part of email marketing, it often seems to slip the marketer's mind during the planning phase. As a result, people get stressed about the landing pages and main email content and forget to design auto-replies effectively. 

But with a tool like AWeber, you can easily make use of predefined templates or build auto responders in a span of a few minutes. Creating autoresponders beforehand gives you the flexibility to tweak your marketing content and ensure optimized email marketing cadence. 

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3. Building Brand Reputation And Loyalty 

The online market is more crowded than ever. It takes just another novel product for the customers to forget you and not take another look at your services, no matter the quality of your services. That is why it is very crucial to include branding in every part of your marketing and sales experience. And guess what? Emails have time and again proven to be one of the powerful tools to keep your customers in the loop and updated on all your latest developments. Autoresponders from Aweber can bridge the gap between every customer interaction by letting you drop in occasional emails, which could range on anything from a regular check-in email, tips, promotional offers, and so on. 

How To Use AWeber Autoresponders

No one wants to feel insignificant or ignored, especially not your precious leads. It is not just enough to get people to sign up. You also need to make them feel invested to keep interacting with your business. AWeber Autoresponders can help you achieve that in simple steps.  And here is how you do it. 

Create your Aweber account and have your mailing list ready. You can create a new mailing list and name it appropriately as it suits the type of auto responder you want to create. It helps to make it descriptive and meaningful. Here is our AWeber getting started guide to help you with this.

list name - AWeber autoresponders

The Autoresponder creation page will take you through a step-by-step process where you will have to fill in your mailing address, name of your list, and description of the emails you are sending. Supply the details at each step and keep pressing the next step to proceed with the process. 

Description - AWeber autoresponders

To create a Welcome Email as an autoresponder for every time a user signs up, you can create a Follow-Up series of welcome emails. 

Go to AWeber dashboard > Messages > Legacy Follow-up Series. Here you can choose the type of autoresponders to serve as your welcome message. You can choose to use the drag and drop email builder to build your email message. Save the message. Once saved, you can use the Send Options drop-down button to send a test email, schedule it as a broadcast message or add it to the follow-up series you want. 

follow-up series - AWeber autoresponders

To add more emails to the series, you can create new messages as mentioned in step 2 and add them to the same follow-up series. Set the interval value in terms of days since the previous mail. You can make further edits to the time window for each mail by making the necessary settings changes by clicking the Edit window. 


A major reason behind the failure of email campaigns is the low deliverability rate. Your mailing list could be inadequate or have outdated information, which means that most of your mails simply do not reach your target customers. Autoresponders can help you solve this issue by giving you useful statistics and features that let you filter out invalid emails. You can greatly improve your deliverability rates with AWeber’s powerful tools. 

That said, email autoresponder by AWeber is highly powerful and serves the purpose just right in addition to providing you with the best-in-class email marketing features.Check out our full AWeber review here.

Read our full AWeber Review!
Tried and tested.
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