Top 6 ConvertKit Use Cases for Email Marketing

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A carefully crafted and evaluated email marketing campaign can help drive traffic to your website, build subscriber relationships, grow digital engagement, and support word-of-mouth marketing.

This is where ConvertKit, an email marketing software, comes in. It can help you grow your business revenues on digital channels. 

Furthermore, the ConvertKit app allows you to create automated, customized campaigns for your subscribers. And you can track and analyze the effectiveness and performance of these marketing campaigns comprehensively on the dashboard page.

The insights can help you to comprehend each subscriber group's behavior and interest, allowing you to tailor your marketing campaigns to their specific requirements. ConvertKit also enables you to organize and segment your customers with accuracy to help you tweak your emails automatically.

Here are some excellent ways others use the ConvertKit tool to enhance their customer experience, boost customer engagement, and more. 

1. The Post-Sales "Thank You"

Your customer portfolio should include clients with growth potential and possibly other customers that no one attentively caters to, let alone serve well. Usually, these customers only bring in nominal business, but thousands of them rely on you to fulfill these needs. 

As an online business, it is vital to inform every buyer, no matter how big or small, of the benefits and importance of being your customer, and ConvertKit helps you do that with precision. You can send a post-sale "Thank you" email to your customers once they buy your product. 

These emails are also a great way to elicit feedback and making sure all your visitors have everything they need to be satisfied and happy as a customer. With ConvertKit, you can prompt someone to continue their service contract, participate in a customer survey and check out other related items. 

In fact, the "Thank you" is the easiest yet powerful trigger for customer experience, and with ConvertKit, you can send these emails when the:

  • Customer orders new items
  • Customer gives bad/good feedback by filling out the satisfaction survey
  • Customer has been with you for X years

Furthermore, the ConvertKit app also allows for simple yet impactful personalization, e.g., you can use the customer's first name to address them. That way, the tool also helps you integrate your business strategy and values while managing your customers transparently.

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2. The "Abandoned Cart" Email

Ecommerce merchants are all aware of the abandoned cart epidemic that gives buyers cold feet, so they back out of online purchases at the last minute. ConvertKit lets you set a trigger to send out reminders to registered users the second they close the window on a filled cart instead of checking out. 

Remember, to create an effective Abandoned Cart Strategy; you need to align it with your customers' needs. With ConvertKit email marketing, you can implement an automated program that can make it easy for your visitors to view their cart items right in their inbox and hit the buy now button to return to your site and complete the purchase. 

ConvertKit allows you to approach your clients with an instant, friendly follow-up email to reassure them that your brand is attentive to their needs. 

Additionally, you can also set up a pitch for popular products that include multiple email sequences (a launch sequence and a warmup sequence) to remind them of what they are missing out on. If they are still hesitant to buy, introduce them to smaller, cheaper, and different alternatives to entice them to purchase.

And eventually, that same email sequence can be extended to send onboarding emails to those who purchase.

3. "Deliver A Product" Using The Built-In Landing Pages

Not every business needs a landing page, but if you are building one, it is essential that you make it customizable and responsive. 

And if you don't wish to create new landing pages for each report, eBook, or lead magnet that you make, ConvertKit's landing pages are an ideal option that makes it easy for you to scale up. Use these landing pages to promote your content and services, for example, webinars, online courses, etc. 

Even if your 'product' is a free lead magnet, a dedicated landing page can make it look like a professional offering while also streamlining the delivery and your ability to build an audience. 

Additionally, you can also access ConvertKit landing page templates, which you can tailor to suit your website's feel and the look of your brand. These templates can go a long way in creating a landing page that's great to look at, offers impressive functionality and clear messaging. 

Landing pages - Converkit use cases
Landing Pages And Forms

4. Customized Sequences And Broadcast

Targeting and segmentation is a critical component especially when it comes to lead nurturing. But to deliver appropriate and relevant content, you need to know your leads and turn them from prospective clients into loyal ones.

ConvertKit lets you customize sequences and broadcasts based on your subscribers' tags, names, and more. For instance, (subscriber. first name) will be replaced automatically with the first name for that particular subscriber.

To make it more innovative, you can insert entire text blocks for subscribers who have specific tags and other blocks for those who don't.

This is a super-advanced functionality that’ll only come in handy if you want to send out highly personalized emails to your recipients. In that case, ConvertKit simplifies the process for you via the "customization" options shown when formulating a new sequence or broadcast email. With the ConvertKit marketing automation feature, you can quickly achieve this by creating segment-sensitive and downloadable content. Then, you can group leads based on what they have downloaded.

Instead of going out to the whole list, it will only go out to a particular segment you create.

Sending broadcast emails is simple with ConvertKit – all you need to do is select the recipient, write the email and deliver it. However, if you want to preview it before sending it, ConvertKit's interface perfectly represents what the actual email will look like. 

Furthermore, you can also use the tool's A/B testing feature to experiment with two separate subject lines. ConvertKit quickly helps you split-test your subject lines and find the ones that'll get you the best results. That way, you can use the subject lines that get more opens and incorporate those changes into future emails. 

5. Tagging Subscribers

ConvertKit is a robust system that allows you to tag your subscribers easily. You can assign them labels depending on the reasons and interests they signed up for.

With the ConvertKit app, you can effortlessly tag users based on the form location where they signed up, and a host of other data, including:

  • Links they clicked on
  • Courses they bought
  • Questions they answered or asked

This also helps you get valuable insights into the leads on your list and deliver targeted content that's close to what they wanted to know and learn about.

6. Quick Wins With Instant Content Upgrades

Are you looking for ways to understand what your subscribers are looking for, so you can deliver helpful tips and curated content based on their specific feedback and needs?

ConvertKit can help. For instance, users who signed up because they wanted to learn more about podcasting will not receive updates regarding web development or WordPress. They will only get podcasting tips and news.

This also helps you develop trust by reminding your subscribers why they signed up for your email instead of selling to them. They appreciate that you offer the answers to help them grow, and when they are finally ready to purchase products, they think of your online store first.

You can also leverage the ConvertKit tool to serve your subscribers and customers. When you know what products they have bought, you can send them relevant updates and news about the products. 

Overall, ConvertKit can help you improve your communication with every user who has expressed interest in your content or products.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you are inspired.

The bottom line is that the ConvertKit app can help you understand your customer base. Leveraging the information that you can collect through link clicks, purchases, and sign-ups, you will be able to send out the most relevant content to groups of your email list. For more in-depth information, you can also read through the ConvertKit review to leverage this tool to your advantage.

Use these e-commerce email marketing best practices to make your emails stand out in the clutter - you want concise, clear, and appealingly presented content delivered to the appropriate people when they need it.

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