How To Promote An Upcoming Event in 2022

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Enhance your knowledge about event promotion and learn about new aspects related to it. Promote your impending events and earn unfathomable profit easily.

Individuals have turned towards the tech-savvy lifestyle of the virtual world. Business Enterprises around the globe have realised the unique potential in hosting hybrid as well as virtual events. The covid-19 pandemic brought about some major changes of the decade. The most prominent one is the trend of virtual and hybrid events. These types of events empower the participants or virtual attendees to extract valuable information with the help of a virtual medium. They enable the participants to experience a real-time environment without indulging in complicated activities.

Organisations have started to incorporate more and more virtual and hybrid events into their corporate dynamics. But, you cannot skip the fact that promoting a virtual hybrid event is as important as hosting one. If your rationale is to lure in more audience for your event, you must strategically promote it. Well, I agree spreading the word is not as easy as it appears. It requires significant brainstorming and implementing effective strategies. It is undeniably important to incorporate effective event promotion tactics to achieve success. With that being said, let's understand what is event promotion and why is it so necessary for an organisation.

What do you mean by event promotion?

Event promotion simply refers to the practice of promoting your event by utilising various marketing strategies available in the market. Individuals can utilise traditional advertising methods or can switch to digital marketing measures. Moreover, they can implement both the traditional as well as modern digital marketing tactics to promote their upcoming event. The main motive behind event promotion is to spread the word as much as possible. Some of the most famous event promotion techniques are through email, social media, flyers, radio as well as television, AdWords and so forth. 

Promoting An Event In 2021

To generate greater revenue and attract the required amount of audience, it is necessary to indulge in effective promotion techniques. As mentioned above, event promotion refers to promoting events with the help of numerous marketing strategies. But, it is quite essential to analyse each and every marketing strategy and find whether it's suitable for your firm or not. While the marketing strategy can change drastically depending upon an organisation, it is beneficial to keep some pointers in mind. Below I have listed down a few elements that must be kept in mind to ensure effective event promotion. So, without any further delay, let's start to unravel these pointers.

Set Realistic Event Promotion Targets 

The first and foremost set for successful event promotion is defining all the targeted goals. It is extremely essential to analyse what your organisational requirements are in order to successfully achieve them. Analysing the event as well as KPIs will facilitate you to host an optimised event that will cater to all your expectations. For example, your goal can be to maximise attendee participation. In order to do so, you must lure in more attendees and make them register for your event. You might want to track the following things to analyse appropriately.

  • The number of registrations through customers 
  • The number of registrations through sales marketing 
  • The number of registrations via social media marketing, and so forth.

Here are 10 key event KPis.

Coordinate Your Organisational Departments 

Increasing the brand's image through different events is an important factor for the entire organisation. Therefore, working together with each department is extremely necessary. It is important to keep all your departments, especially the marketing as well as sales segment aligned. You must incorporate soft skills such as effective communication as well as collaboration to boost up the team spirit of your departments. Below, I have listed down a few essential steps that will help you coordinate with your organisational departments effortlessly.

1. Account-Based Marketing

 It is important to have a conceptualising session with your sales as well as Marketing department you must analyse your account-based strategies in order to achieve your organisational goals in order to do so you might want to discuss on some of the topics like 

  • Setting a clear target 
  • Designing personas for targeting
  • Curating event messages 

This will give you a clear picture of your targets and help you frame an effective strategy accordingly.

2. Prioritise The Sponsors 

The sponsors as well as the partner brands play the main role in any event promotion. They facilitate the entire event production as well as promotions effortlessly. Therefore, you must make them feel prioritised at all costs. Additionally, you must cater to all their expectations and show them why your event can be beneficial for them. This will convince them to work as well as partner with you in the future.

3. Promote Effective Communication 

For successful event promotion, communication is the most important key element. They should be effective as well as easy communication in your entire organisation. This will help you assign the different roles easily. Furthermore, it will clear all the doubts as well as queries in the minds of your employees. Interacting with your goals will help the workforce to understand them in a better way. This will be an advantage for you as it will help you achieve the target in no time.

4. Share as many Event Collaterals as Possible

Empower your organisational departments to have access to your event collaterals This event collaterals must contain valuable information that covers all the important elements about your upcoming event. Your departments can assist you in promoting this event collaterals in some of the best possible ways. This will help you learn in a more targeted audience as well as reading the correct information from the right sources.

5. Motive Your Workforce

Lastly, it is important to keep your employees motivated. You can participate in various activities like question and answer sessions, conferences, meetings, and so forth. This will help you effectively communicate your targets regarding the impending. Making the workforce aware of your needs and requirements will give them a clear picture. Therefore, they will strive together for your success. Moreover, creating a healthy working environment is undeniably extremely beneficial for any organisation.

How to benefit from your existing channels

You might already have different channels on various platforms. Below, I have curated a few pointers that will help you decide an appropriate way to benefit from these channels effortlessly.

Event SEO

Including the top keywords that are relatable for your organisation is a great strategy. This will promote your event as well as the organisation's online visibility in no time. Therefore, take some time out and do thorough research regarding SEO and the best keywords for your event website.

Virtual participants 

Word to word promotion is one of the best as well as the cheapest way of event promotion. Thus, always ask your virtual participants to spread the word as much as possible. They can make their colleagues as well as friends aware of your upcoming event. This will boost your image and help you achieve a more targeted audience.

Learn how to set up hybrid events here. 


This is one of the simplest ways to leverage your upcoming channels. While sending an email, you can simply provide information regarding your upcoming event. Facilitating the individuals with the correct information would be a great alternative to amplify your organisational event's sales.

Content channels 

If your organisation already has some of the other content channels like blogs, YouTube channel, podcasts, and so forth. You can utilise them to share information about your upcoming event. Show a creative glimpse of your event or empower the audience with interactive sessions with the speakers, hosts as well as the exhibitors can also lure in more virtual participants.


In today's era, most organisations have their very own newsletter. Dedicating a specific space for your upcoming virtual or hybrid event can be a great alternative. Elaborating about your event and providing all sorts of information about the speaker's, hosts, the event platform, and so forth will allow the information to reach numerous individuals at a single time. This method is not only cost-efficient but it is extraordinarily effective.

How to utilise previous content 

Virtual as well as hybrid events are all about a sustainable lifestyle. We all are aware of the fact that these events focus on reducing your carbon footprint. Thus, it is a great alternative to utilise clips and data from the previous event. Continue reading further to find out the ways to utilise and analyse the content of the previous events. 

Event Pictures 

You can add numerous pictures from the previous virtual or hybrid event. Choosing the perfect images that depict your organisation appropriately is the most suitable alternative. This will allow the interested candidates to have a sneak peek of what they can expect from your virtual as well as a hybrid event platform.

Event Speakers 

You can ask the previous event speakers to share their valuable insights regarding your virtual event. Moreover, you can also use their audio clips in order to create an engaging buzz in the market. This will help you convince more interested candidates and boost the sales of your virtual event.

Audience Feedback 

Facilitating the interested candidates with the positive feedback of previous participants is a great move. This allows them to analyse the various segments of your virtual events accordingly. Audience feedback is an effective way to provide a better picture and a clear description of the entire event platform.

Video clips

Lastly, engaging video clips is a perfect way to captivate the audience. You can show them the virtual event environment or share a glimpse of a trade show, conference or a meeting. This will allow the participants to have a better understanding of the entire concept of your virtual as well as a hybrid event platform. 

How to benefit from social media platforms

Social media is one of the most effective tools that can be used for event promotion. You can pick a social media handle of your choice in order to target a specific audience. Inculcating different market strategies will help you reach your organisational goal in a shorter duration. With that being said, let us discuss some of the methods you can incorporate to achieve successful event promotion effortlessly.

Appropriate use of hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most prominent ways of promoting content. They are famous for grouping specific content based on a particular keyword. Incorporating numerous hashtags that are related to your content can be beneficial. This is so because it will help you target interested candidates and spread your word quickly. With the help of hashtags, interested candidates are able to fetch information about their benefit. Therefore, you must incorporate appropriate hashtags to yield better results.

Utilising paid advertisements

Social media advertisements have been gaining significant popularity over the last few years. These are specially generated advertisements that target the required audience directly. Social media advertisements pop up on the feed of all the interested candidates and initiate them to click. These advertisements help an organisation in spreading useful information about the upcoming event. Thus, you need to incorporate all the essential details like the date, time, speaker, and so forth regarding your upcoming event. 

Twitter campaigns

Your organisation can get a little creative with Twitter campaigns. This is a marvellous way to connect and lure in interested candidates with the help of light-hearted fun on social media, specifically Twitter. You can launch specific campaigns with some related keywords for your upcoming event. This will create an interesting market buzz and help you attract more audience in no time.


When an organisation decides to host any type of event be it hybrid or virtual, their main motive is to maximise their audience. While there are countless measures taken to achieve this objective, one of the most prominent is event promotion. 

  • Utilising various marketing strategies in order to promote any upcoming event has been the most famous technique of business enterprises. It is quite convenient and effective as well. 
  • It is important for an organisation to come up with an attainable objective in order to avoid overburdening its employees. Moreover, you must also focus on coordinating the different departments of your organisation. This will help you in attaining the desired objective with maximum teamwork.
  • For successful event promotion, you must utilise the utmost potential of different platforms and marketing strategies. As we mentioned above, you can utilise different forms of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, and so forth.

After running through research, I have scrutinized the entire information in the above-mentioned article. This article talks about the main pointers that should be kept in mind while promoting an event. I trust that this article will provide you with some beneficial information and enhance your event promotion in no time.

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