Live Chat Tips for Enhancing Customer Service and Accelerating Sales

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Today, when every brand is struggling to entice customers, giving impeccable customer service is mandatory. Live chat, which is a key element of customer service, plays a big role in enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Recent stats reveal that 51% of customers prefer interacting via live chat. Additionally, the promptness and real-time interaction help in boosting sales. Therefore, having a solid strategy for the live chat program is essential. 

This article will provide meaningful tips for enhancing customer service via live chat support. If strong live chat support is present, it will accelerate sales in no time. Let us have a look at these tips: 

1. Introduce Co-Browsing Facility 

Providing real-time help to customers for complex applications and form filling is not a problem. Co-browsing tools resolve the issue by enabling you to have control of the customer screen. Besides this, it is integrated with a Web RTC technology for effective communication. Additionally, co-browsing enhances the customer experience in the following ways: 

  • It offers prompt solutions and provides in-person virtual assistance. 
  • It reduces customer effort by eliminating several touchpoints. 
  • It leaves a great impression and helps in retaining customers. 

2. Use Video Chat Feature 

When it comes to technical products and services, video chat plays a great role. At times, written communication is not enough to comprehend the best use of the product. Therefore, a short video is needed for a better understanding. This feature enables the customer to resolve their queries in the first go. 

Apart from it, even first-time users can easily understand the use of the product. For instance, if a product involves a lot of assembling and a layman is unable to do the job, video chat can resolve the issue. Therefore, video chat is an important element of digital marketing services

3. Always Record Conversations 

Whether you use a chat system, live call, or a video chat for interacting with the customer, never forget to maintain a record. This data has great insights as it helps in understanding the query pattern and its nature. Marketing teams thoroughly analyze this data and dig out the areas for improvement. 

Consequently, it helps in designing future strategies and improving customer service. Thus, always enable the recording feature and set it as default. Additionally, be sure to ask for the customer's consent and always mention the reason for recording. 

4. Provide Effective Training and Scripts 

Customers feel delighted and satisfied when the agent has prompt solutions. Furthermore, a confident agent with a professional tone is essential for great customer service. Today, customers are becoming smarter than ever. 

They give prior importance to consistency, professionalism, and communication. Therefore, a well-trained agent knowing all the key phrases beforehand can handle every sort of situation with his expertise. 

5. Use Routing Feature 

Saving customer's time is a key element in retaining and enhancing experience. Therefore, you should adopt the advanced routing features. This will enable you to transfer the query or call the right agent without letting the customers wait for long. Consequently, it will reduce the queue time and helps in resolving issues at a faster rate. 

6. Analyze the Chat Metrics 

Improving the overall customer service is not possible without measuring the chat metrics. These are the performance indicators that highlight the lacking areas. You will notice the following elements through chat metrics: 

  • Response Time 

According to research, 59% of customers prefer a brand that answers their queries within a minute. Therefore, you should have a record of your average response time. 

  • Total Number of Communication

It is also important to know who many customers interacted with the brand. Additionally, you should have the data showing the resolved as well as pending queries. 

  • Visitors Who Used Chat 

Some visitors just visit the website and never use the live chat feature. On the other hand, some of them visit the website and also interact on a live chat. These are the key visitors who are more interested in the brand. Knowing the exact number of such visitors is essential to analyze the effectiveness of your strategies. 

7. Use Automatic Triggers 

Another great tip for boosting sales is to use automatic triggers. However, this tactic should not be used for every other customer. The tip is ideal for those who spend more time on the website and do repeated visits on the product page. 

These potential customers have a great probability of buying the product. Therefore, automatic trigger messages for these customers can clear their doubts and encourage them to buy. Some more tips for automatic triggers include:

  • Use personalization 
  • Keep a soft and professional tone 
  • Don't be too pushy 

8. Personalizing Conversations

Personalization is imperative to survive in today's competitive world. Rather than just selling products and services, brands should focus on maintaining relations. Therefore, personalization is essential. Live chats can also use personalization in the best way to leave a lasting impression on customers. This helps in giving a satisfactory response and making them feel good. 

For instance, live chats should be started with a personalized message like "Hello, How are you doing." Similarly, it should include a personal name like "Anna, how is your experience with our service?" Additionally, the chats should be closed with a nice thanking message like "thanks a lot for contacting us." 

These ways of personalization help build customer trust and maintain long-term relations. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, brands need a commendable live chat system for winning the customer's heart. It should be embedded with everything that can enhance customer experience and boost sales. Various tactics can be used for this. 

Like using automatic triggers, providing training, using the co-browsing facility, adding video chats, etc. Additionally, personalization, chat metrics, routing features, and recording are also helpful. Lastly, tracking data of the live chat also give some valuable information for improvement. 

Use the above-mentioned tips for bringing a positive change in your customer service. This will automatically enhance sales and boost business growth. 

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