10 Tips to Generate Leads on Your Landing Pages

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Landing pages are an integral part of any lead generation strategy as they are more focused than homepages, both in terms of their function for driving lead generation and their messaging. 

Through customization, landing pages can be designed for each individual campaign and its specific target audience.

With the customizability of landing pages in mind, what are the most important features to include to boost the lead generation of landing pages? 

Below are 10 simple steps to creating an effective landing page that generates leads.

1. Creative Copy

Let’s start with the title of the landing page. The title is just as important as the rest of the copy as it guides the reader to the body of the text. 

Titles should be short and set the expectations of the page, making it clear why the visitor is here and what they stand to benefit from.

The copy should be kept simple and optimized with the goals of the landing page. If the copy is too dense, makes the purpose of the page unclear, or is not specific to its target audience, then it may not yield the desired results.

A developed understanding of specific target audiences can be leveraged to appeal to emotional triggers and preferences to encourage

2. Keyword Optimization

As with any other website page, detailed keyword research is important for landing pages. For effective SEO, keywords should be high traffic, not too competitive, and limited in number.

Keywords should also be specific to the topic of the page and the themes of its supporting content. If research uncovers long-tail keyword opportunities, these should be implemented along with a limited amount of links to relevant pages and content. 

This should only be done when appropriate as too many links can be counterproductive. 

3. Intuitive Design

In the case of a landing page, design refers both to formatting and creative assets.

Landing pages should be fast-loading and optimized for multiple platforms, including mobile to promote effective lead generation. 

By also removing the navigation bar and the options available, visitors are less likely to leave the page as quickly.

Pages benefit from a range of appealing visuals which accentuate main features and the content advertised, if applicable.

If appropriate, this could also include videos, however, it is also essential to not overcrowd pages and make sure visuals are supporting to avoid important features losing attention. 

4. Optimized Lead Forms

Whilst lead forms are integral to lead generation, it is also important to limit their length and the number of fields required to be completed by visitors. 

Although this may result in leads requiring further qualification, long lead forms can often prove harmful to lead generation as they take much time to fill out and ask for too much information. 

Autofill is a useful feature to include to reduce the time taken to complete forms, keeping the process much less painful.

5. Testimonials

Another way of boosting the lead generation of landing pages is to include client testimonials to provide credibility to any offers or guarantees. 

These can be featured in the design of the page in text format, videos, or via statistics of the results clients are achieving because of a specific service or product.

Logos of past or current clients also serve to boost credibility, especially if well-known.

6. Relevant Resources

Content marketing is an excellent tool for aiding lead generation. When target markets have been accurately defined and segmented, content can be produced to match the interest of specific groups.

This can be featured in landing pages to encourage lead and demand generation. It is important to choose the correct content to support pages, as well as creating a variety of content to suit the needs of different segments.

Resources can be supported by design elements that highlight how to download or sign-up for content.

7. Offers That Can’t Be Refused

Part of the success of a landing page comes from ensuring that the featured offer is well-tailored with a target segment in mind. 

The offer should also be clear, with a defined value proposition that makes it easy for visitors to understand how they stand to benefit from the content, service, or free trial on offer.

Member or subscriber-only offers and limited-time offers can also be effective in driving lead generation through time pressure or exclusivity.

8. Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

As with any piece of content or web page, it is imperative to find the right balance when including CTAs. 

When creating a landing page, it is more beneficial to limit the number of calls to action to one. 

Not only does this keep the message and functionality clear, but it also avoids visitors being overwhelmed and pushed away by multiple demands. 

As they are featured alongside offers, CTAs should reinforce the potential benefits of signing up or providing details.

9. Thank You Pages

Implementing thank you pages for when visitors complete lead forms or click on CTAs can be multiple benefits. 

Apart from the obvious benefit of making leads feel valued, thank you pages can also be used to guide visitors to other website pages or content that may interest them.

This is an efficient way to kickstart the nurturing process, ensure that leads develop a positive impression of a brand, and improve the performance of content.

10. A/B Testing

Regular A/B testing is an effective tactic for determining the most successful versions of copy, design, and other features such as CTAs for landing pages. 

Testing can also be used to evaluate modifications to pages and which approaches boost lead generation the best.

Reactions can often be unpredictable in nature. Testing allows marketers to adjust strategies accordingly to continuously get the best results.


Although creating landing pages may seem like a simple process, there are key elements that require development for pages to succeed in generating leads. 

By including these 10 features and strategies, you too can create a landing page that helps you meet your goals.

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