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It's our mission to make it extremely easy for you to find the right marketing technology (Martech) for your business. This way, you will spend less time shortlisting Martech and more time on getting value out of the product!

Ricky Wolff
Founder of Markletic

MarTech reviews and guides by experts from the field

Our marketing technology reviews and tutorials have been written by people who have significant hands-on experience with the tool. 

How it started

Markletic was founded in 2018 as a platform where people can find valuable marketing insights into B2B marketing.

As time went on, we noticed that we wanted to dive deeper into content that we are very passionate about namely Marketing Technology.

Nowadays, you can find Martech reviews, best practices, comparisons, and how-to guides on Markletic.

What can I find here?

Up-to-date marketing technology reviews.
How to's and marketing technology guides.
Free marketing templates, tools, and resources.
Comparisons and tiered lists of marketing technology.
MarTech and marketing best practices.
Ricky Wolff - Growth Hacking & Demand Generation

About Ricky Wolff

Markletic by Ricky Wolff, an internationally recognized B2B marketing expert.

Ricky has years of experience running marketing teams at major tech companies. His true north is growth and he is always looking to use Marketing Technology as an accelerator for innovation.

By publishing practical strategies about demand generation he quickly made a name for himself. Markletic is now one of the most popular Martech knowledge hubs in the world.

Ricky is a respected writer for publications such as The Startup and Better Marketing.
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