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The Markletic blog has over 20,000 subscribers who are interested in Marketing Technology (Martech). We are always looking for brilliant contributors to supply quality content for our valued audience.

Submitting a guest post will get your content in front of our active readers and will help you build trust and brand awareness. It will also improve your domain or page authority score; key for SEO.

Our number one priority is to supply high-quality content and provide an excellent user experience for our audience.

The essentials for every post we publish

Successful guest contributions are posts that teach our audience something new about marketing technology. These are some of the topics our audience love:

  • Marketing technology reviews;
  • Marketing technology how-tos;
  • Martech tips and tricks;
  • Martech best practices.

Our readers tend to prefer articles that are data-driven, comprehensive, and straight to the point. When writing articles, always aspire to add value to their companies.

The ideal article has more than 1000 words and ends with a conclusion.

A guest contribution can have no more than one link to your website. When you are referencing external sources such as data, quotations, and images, you must apply proper attribution. 

Posts that we don’t accept

Our readers are our number one priority. To ensure the best user experience, there are some things we just can’t accept:

  • Anything that has been covered on the Markletic blog before;
  • Anything that is too promotional for your company;
  • Anything outside the scope of our readers’ interest;
  • Anything offensive or inaccurate;
  • Anything that has been posted elsewhere before.

The terms and conditions

  • Our editors have the right to edit and adapt the post for quality assurance and accuracy;
  • We do not allow you to publish the post afterward on your own blog, Medium, LinkedIn or any other channel. 
  • Markletic reserves to right to include call-to-actions.

How to submit a guest post to the Markletic blog?

  1. Fill in the form below;
  2. Images must be in a separate folder. Our blog is 900px wide.
  3. Include your author bio and website link.
  4. We accept a maximum of one link in the author bio.

If your article meets the Markletic editorial guidelines and our content strategy, then we will notify you before we publish it. We will take a maximum of 5 business days to review your submission.

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