Top 10 Magento Mistakes You Should Avoid for E-Commerce Websites

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You might be surprised to know, but the 2nd most famous e-commerce platform around the world is Magento. The top position is still occupied by WooCommerce. No matter if you’re a large-scale organization or a startup; you can always trust Magento as an e-commerce platform if you want to sell your products and devices online. Magento is considered the perfect combination of dynamic and digital shopping experiences that you can provide to your merchants as well as customers.

Hence, most of the merchants are prioritizing Magento for their e-commerce development to establish and grow their online store. However, many people make some crucial Magento mistakes while setting up their online stores.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Magento mistakes you must avoid at any cost while developing the e-commerce platform. Let’s start exploring.

You Make the Navigation Complicated

If you want to offer a better user experience to your customers, then you should set up navigation that is intuitive and simple. Remember that an overcomplicated navigation system can affect their online store exploration process. You can also focus on applying layered navigation. Layered navigation is a good combination of several options that is available on a web page. By using this, you can display different categories on a single page. This feature helps the customers to select their preferable category by the time they land on your website to purchase any product.

To encounter a complicated navigation problem, you can use Ajax navigation. Additionally, you can also disable some specific page’s crawling if you don’t want them to rank on search engines. Hence, make sure that your Magento e-commerce store’s navigation is straightforward and user-friendly.

The Backups are Irregular

Some merchants tend to practice irregular backup for their Magento e-commerce website. If you conduct this mistake, you will enhance the risk of hacking or data breach. Your website might crash while practicing irregular backups as it creates pressure on the server. 

If you want to avoid this mistake, make sure you’re conducting backups regularly. Magento ecommerce web development has professional Magento developers who can offer you this service along with a maintenance plan.

Router Issues

There are some times when the modules won’t require an admin router to complete their functions. This is the time when you should remove the router. If the router interferes with the modules directly, it may cause some great problems including failing to recognize the home page or redirection from HTTP to HTTP5. 

To avoid router issues, assign similar names for both admin and frontend routers.

Installation via FTP

Magento offers some amazing downloader methods. Use them during the installation process. This will undoubtedly help you to maintain the upgrade capabilities. With the help of the downloader functionality, you’ll be able to reduce the file size. You’ll also get all the current files related to the stable version of Magento.

The Title Tags Are Disregarding

Your website will not receive higher rankings in the search results if you ignore covering the title tags of your Magento website. Hence, your title tags should not be disregarded. The title tags are very important to boost the visibility of your business. Remember the fact that title tags make your content well structured. 

When your title tags are properly implemented along with structured and well-organized title tags, it will help the search engines to understand your business. Not to mention your website will become more searchable. So, when a customer searches for your website to purchase something, they will find you easily.

You Frequently Change the Default Theme

It’s not suggested to modify or change Magento’s default theme. When you change the default theme, it may create big or small functional errors. Hence, Magento developers will strongly suggest you not alter the theme settings because the alternation process requires continuous trial-and-error sessions. Additionally, you may receive the best results. 

However, if you still want to modify the default theme settings, follow these steps:

  • Copy required files from /design/frontend/default/default/directory.
  • Then paste the files to /design/frontend/default/your theme.
  • The steps are similar for default skins.
  • Make the modifications you want.
  • Visit system->configuration->design and approve the new settings.

The Checkout Process is Complicated

This is another grave mistake you should avoid at any cost. Do not make your checkout process complicated. If you focus on using Magento e-commerce development technology for your e-commerce store, then provide your customer with an intuitive and simple yet safe checkout process. This will not only decrease cart abandonment but also help the customers to complete checkout more efficiently. 

The Customer Reviews Are Disabled

As the owner of your e-commerce store, you might end up making some mistakes. However, you should have the guts to apologize for them. Enabling customer reviews allows the customers to post ratings and feedback on your products. According to Forbes, customer reviews will develop trust as well as improve the sales of your company.

Thus, you must not disable the customer review section for your Magento store. However, most e-commerce owners don’t know about the option. If you want to enable the customer reviews to enjoy extraordinary benefits, then follow these steps:

  • Go to catalogue-> ratings and reviews-> customer reviews. There you’ll be able to make necessary changes so that you can enable customer reviews.

You Forget to Change the Default Settings

After you’re done creating a new Magento e-commerce website, don’t forget to change the name of your home page after the installation process. Additionally, you also have to change and modify the default settings so that you can avoid uploading and false or vague information on the online store. 

You Neglect the Magento Features

Don’t ever underestimate the power of brilliant Magento features that can help you to optimize your e-commerce platform. The main reason behind the popularity of Magento is that it provides various useful features for the e-commerce development process.

For instance, Magento allows you to manage multiple stores from one admin panel. Hence, you should always focus on finding out the best Magento feature that can help you with the e-commerce development process.


These are the top 10 Magento mistakes you should avoid at any cost while developing an e-commerce website. As many businesses are utilizing the value of this technology, you must avoid committing such mistakes to stay ahead of your competitors. This way you can gain massive success in your e-commerce business. Moreover, don’t forget to offer an exceptional user experience to your potential customers when they land on your website. Understand the common mistakes and avoid them to create an amazing e-commerce website with Magento.

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