Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, and love. It brings people together which is so important now that we all have been socially distancing ourselves.

Even though that will continue for a while, there are many ways to celebrate this festive season digitally.

Christmas provides an opportunity to host virtual events that are much more informal than traditional B2B virtual events.

This is the time, for us marketers, to be as creative as possible. Let’s all try to bring some extra joy this year to the people we work with directly and indirectly.

B2B marketing is all about building relationships. As a marketer, this is the moment for you to do something different and provide your sales team with a fantastic relationship-building opportunity.

I’ve created a list of virtual Christmas events for this festive season to get you started. However, I’d love to hear all about your creative Christmas ideas!

1. Gifts & Networking

Christmas is a time of giving without expecting anything in return. How often does it happen that as soon as your sales close a customer, they move on to other prospects?

Well, a great virtual Christmas event would be to invite your customers and send them all a small gift. Throughout the event, people will open their gifts in front of the camera and of course, this is a great networking opportunity.

Don’t worry about creating a slide deck for an event like this. It’s supposed to be informal and people just want to feel appreciated!

For events like this, it’s a good idea to invite your prospects as well. They can virtually mingle with your customers and hopefully, they will build relationships!

Keep in mind that a lot of public companies can’t accept gifts that exceed a certain amount of money. It’s usually the thought that counts so don’t go overboard and spend your entire marketing budget on this.

2. Holidays in a glass - Mulled Wine tasting

One of my favorite things about Christmas is visiting the Christmas markets throughout Europe. They have some amazing ones in Germany and my girlfriend and I love tasting all the hot mulled wines they sell in the little stalls. 

In Germany, they call this Glühwein. It’s delicious, especially on those cold winter days.

Just like normal wine, you have loads of variations. You know what that means!

A mulled wine tasting session! Your audience will love this.

During your virtual Christmas event, invite a mulled wine export who can explain a bit about the history and how it's made.

During the event, you can have your audience taste some variations of mulled wine. They usually come in small bottles. Make sure to send them a big bottle too though! They will love drinking some after the session.

Most of these bottles are brandable so it’s a great opportunity to create some extra brand awareness.

Mulled Wine 1
Mulled Wine by Sally Akins

3. Christmas cooking - learn from a chef

How can you make mulled wine even better? Well, with delicious Christmas food of course!

One of the best things about Christmas is sitting down with your family and enjoying some amazing food.

This is the time of the year that most people go that extra mile. They all want to impress their family!

I’m sure that your audience would love to learn some recipes from a chef that they can cook during Christmas!

So, an amazing virtual Christmas event is hiring a chef that will teach your audience some delicious festive recipes.

Of course, it’s a bit chaotic if everyone will start cooking at the same time, but you can send them all the ingredients they need to cook the meal after the event.

The chef will walk them through the steps you need to take to perfect that Christmas meal. You will send the audience the recipe and ingredients. Always brand the recipe paper because I’m sure it will be used a lot!

Virtual Cooking Class
Virtual Cooking Class. Image by Country Living

4. Festive Cocktail Party

Everyone loves a good cocktail, whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It’s an amazing skill to learn and you can impress your guests at any time!

Of course, festive cocktails are just that little bit better.

So, a great virtual Christmas event is to send your audience a cocktail mixing set and then have a professional mixologist show you how it’s done.

This is a great opportunity for your sales team to build relationships with your prospects and customers. It’s something unique and everyone is actively involved.

Don’t host this session in the morning though! People still need to work!

Virtual Cocktail workship
Image by LayLow

5. Getting in the mood - Christmas Props

It’s December, what do you do? You’re getting in the mood for Christmas by blasting some Christmas songs through your speakers.

That’s not the only way to get in the mood for Christmas.

This virtual Christmas event can be of any theme. It can be a virtual roundtable session or any other type of event. 

The only difference is that you send a lovely box of props to your audience which they will wear during the event.

The most obvious one is sending them a Santa hat, but there are more things that you can send such as:

  • Christmas glasses;
  • Christmas earrings;
  • Headband sets.

Keep things light-weight and it will definitely break the ice of the event! If you are looking for some alternative virtual event icebreakers, then have a look here.

Christmas Props Zoom
Image by Tes

6. Hot chocolate tasting

On those cold winter days, it’s just lovely to drink a nice cup of hot chocolate!

There are some workshops available where you can send a box of chocolates to your audience. During the virtual Christmas event, you will try these chocolates.

The best thing? You can use these chocolates to create hot chocolate. Simply warm up some milk, put the chocolate in and stir.

Of course, you will invite a professional chocolatier for this event who will explain to you where the chocolate came from and how the beans are harvested. Typically, with these types of virtual events, they will ship their best-selling chocolates to your audience.

7. Secret Santa

Secret Santa! A game where you buy a gift for a randomly assigned person.

Of course, this is harder to arrange when hosting B2B virtual Christmas events. However, there are some creative alternatives to still realize this.

For example, you will buy all the gifts, but your audience gets to choose from your pre-defined selection. After your audience made their decision, you will ship the gift to the other person.

During the virtual event, you will open the packages and I guarantee you that it will put a smile on the face of everyone. Mission accomplished!

Again, you can combine this with virtual events such as round tables. Take into consideration that you will need quite a bit of lead time to pull this off successfully.

First, you need to get all the registrations in, then people need to pick a gift. Finally, you need to ship the items so they arrive before your event date. 

8. Marshmallow Roasting

We all sat around a bonfire roasting some marshmallows. Absolutely delicious!

What do you do when roasting marshmallows? Well, you tell stories to your friends and family.

You guessed it. This is a great activity during virtual networking events. When you are networking, people can roast marshmallows in front of their computers.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be very responsible to ask your audience to light a bonfire in their house. So, alternatively, you can use a small candle and that will do the trick!

There are some fantastic marshmallows roasting kits out there for virtual events.

Marshmallow roasting
Image by Etsy

9. Virtual Craft Workshops and Master Classes

People get creative during Christmas! All sorts of beautiful decorations come out of the closets.

Moreover, people create things themselves and this is where craft workshops come into play for your next virtual Christmas events. 

Your audience would participate in some fun and engaging festive workshops. Naturally, they will be guided by talented florists, mixologists, chefs, and other professionals.

The point of this event is to really have a low-key event with your customers and prospects. It’s great for networking and a fun experience to end the business year. Moreover, during Christmas, they can teach their family how to do it.

Christmas Craft 1
Image by DigsDigs

10. Candlemaking 

We end the list of virtual Christmas events with some fire! There are some great candle making kits on the market. The benefit is that these are brandable so you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Again, this can be integrated into any virtual event that you might host. Whether the events are small or large.

For large events, you can even implement a social competition. Your audience will post some pictures of their candles on social media. The candle with the most likes will win a small prize. You will get some great social media exposure on the back of this.

After the event, I’m sure that your audience will show off their creation to their family and you will be top-of-mind!

You can also consider sending your audience virtual event gift bags, but that’s a whole other story. I’ve written a guide to virtual event gift bags here.

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