6 Tips to Improve Your SEO Through Email Marketing

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When it comes to SEO, marketers are typically focused on conventional strategies like adding keywords and building their keyword profiles. While those are obviously key elements in any approach to SEO, it’s also important to leverage email marketing in order to improve your SEO profile.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most effective ways to develop your search engine rankings through various email marketing tactics. Aligning your approach across every marketing channel will also help you craft a more cohesive online presence and improve your results across the board.

1. Share Content via Email

If you’re struggling to drive traffic to content on your site, consider sending the link to your email subscribers. These subscribers have already expressed an interest in your brand, so they’re more likely to care about your content than the average user.

Furthermore, a user who clicks through to your content via email will probably stay on the page longer than someone who simply encountered it on the internet. In turn, this will lower your bounce rate and increase the average length of each visit. Improving performance on those metrics will go a long way toward improving your search rankings. 

2. Gather Customer Feedback

Contemporary digital marketing is all about data, so it’s critical to be proactive about gathering feedback from your audience. The more you know about their preferences, desires, questions, and needs, the easier it will become to develop content that responds to what they’re looking for.

Furthermore, asking subscribers for their thoughts will indicate to them that you’re invested in providing relevant and personalized content. In 2021, consumers expect their favorite brands to reach out and demonstrate their investment in optimizing the experience for their core audiences.

In addition to content-related feedback, you can also send out polls and surveys to gather information about the experience on your website. Even seemingly minor issues with the user experience can have a significant impact on your bounce rate and push users away who would otherwise be interested.

3. Take Advantage of Email Automation

Some aspects of email marketing still need to be managed manually, but you can streamline a wide range of tasks through automation. Sending automated emails enables you to get emails out more quickly and offer content at the right time based on a variety of criteria.

For example, you might set up an automated sequence for users who open a new subscription to your email newsletter. This is a perfect opportunity to provide information about your brand and link new subscribers to your most popular content.

4. Segment Your Email List

Along with basic workflows like welcome email sequences, automation also introduces a wide range of opportunities related to audience segmentation. Segmenting your audience allows you to target narrower audience groups using factors like age, gender, location, purchase history, and more.

One of the most common challenges for email marketers is finding ways to send relevant content. Rather than sending the same messages to every single subscriber, segmentation makes it easy to send highly targeted email messages and avoid sending emails to subscribers who won’t be interested in them.

Keep in mind that different subscribers will have different preferences with respect to email frequency as well as content type. Some users may read two or three messages per week, while others may only want to open one. Using the same frequency for your entire audience will likely leave some subscribers wanting more while others experience overload.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to give users more control over their own subscriptions. For example, you might allow new subscribers to select whether they would like to receive one, two, or three emails per week. Remember to make these settings easily accessible in case they want to change their preferences later on.

Similarly, some brands give their subscribers the opportunity to opt into particular types of content. Certain subscribers may be more interested in discounts and promotions, while others may only want to read your blog content. Allowing them to set their own preferences will help you maximize your open rate while minimizing unsubscriptions—keep in mind that content overload is one of the most common reasons why users unsubscribe from email lists.

5. Publish Newsletter Content on Your Website

It’s important to keep some content exclusive to email subscribers in order to give users an incentive to join your list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose any email content on your website. In fact, this can be a great way to introduce users to your content and get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

If your emails aren’t long enough to fill a conventional blog post, repurpose content from a handful of messages for publication on your site. You may also have to make some additional adjustments in order to maximize the SEO potential of your content. SEO tools come in handy to help in such operations.

6. Generate Social Shares

Email and social media can be highly effective on their own, but they’re even more powerful when used together. Generating social shares on your emails is as simple as adding social media buttons to the bottom of each message.

In contrast to traditional lead generation strategies, encouraging social shares helps you find leads without spending any extra money. You can also generate word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging users to forward your content to their friends and family members.

If you’re struggling to expand your outreach, consider setting up a referral program and providing benefits for users who introduce others to your email newsletter. Exclusive content, small discounts, and access to private Facebook groups are affordable incentives that can motivate your existing audience to refer people they know.

Email and SEO are often treated as two completely separate areas of digital marketing, but integrating them can lead to a number of critical benefits. These are just a few of the most effective ways to improve your search engine rankings through your email marketing campaigns.

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