How To Create A Landing Page In AWeber?

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Landing pages are crucial elements of any marketing campaign. If your landing page isn’t converting visitors into leads effectively, then you are missing out on revenue.

Undoubtedly, designing a landing page seems too simple at the surface. But, it is only a single page with the form requiring your users to take action. Ah, and add a paragraph or two and an attractive image. Done, right?


All the above features are bare essentials that will only do well for a bare-bone landing page. But such a landing page won’t serve your purpose, especially when you aim to convert users. You will lose out on valuable traffic, leads, and customers.

Fortunately, creating a high-performing landing page on AWeber is easy due to its vast template library

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Common Problems With Landing Pages And How AWeber Helps You Out

Most, if not all, landing pages fail to perform as intended. Here are a few eye-opening stats:

  • Most landing pages have a conversion rate of less than 10%.
  • A 1-sec delay in landing page loading can decrease the conversion rate by 7%.
  • The conversion rate gets reduced by up to 266% if the landing page contains more than one offer.

But these are not the only landing page problems that companies encounter. There are more. Let’s have a look at them and see how AWeber addresses them wonderfully. 

1. Design Failure

Nothing hurts your email campaign more negatively than a hard-to-use landing page. There could be various recipes for a disastrous landing page - a form that doesn’t work, or clumsy navigation, or an irritating color theme. AWeber indeed makes your life easier, though. With more than 700 HTML email newsletter templates, you can pick the one that fits your requirements the best. 

2. A Confusing Call-To-Action

You want your users to take the desired call-to-action, but if your users find it challenging to get through, your email marketing campaign won’t go anywhere. This is why keep yourself in the shoes of your users and identify if you can make out the purpose of the page within a few seconds upon discovery. The call-to-action should be clear, convincing, and excite users to take immediate action. AWeber helps you flaunt a perfectly designed call-to-action button. You can customize the button size, decide the button color, and play with different versions to find what works and what doesn’t.

3. Poor Funnel Conversion Rates

Most email marketing campaigns fail to yield the desired results because creating a landing page is their only goal. As necessary it is to create a landing page, it is equally important to track the conversion rates for individual landing pages. So, if you are using a landing page to generate leads, you should also track the number of people who are getting converted to customers. That’s your end goal, after that. 

However, not all landing pages have a high conversion rate. This is when AWeber A/B testing helps you out. AWeber lets you test two different versions of the landing page to help you pick the one performing better. 

Creating Landing Pages With Aweber. 

Landing pages only work as long as they can achieve their purpose. So you need to ensure that you have a good landing page that can capture the attention of your visitors in the shortest time possible. For your landing pages to work, you need the right content displayed in the best visually pleasing manner. You need to clearly emphasize the call to action and should make it easy for the visitor to navigate around. 

Creating such winning landing pages can be done within just a few clicks using the AWeber platform. Aweber is a leading email and online marketing platform that has made the lives of several small business owners a lot easier. With AWeber, you can build landing pages easily either from scratch or by using their well-designed templates that suit your purpose. 

Here are a few landing page features provided by AWeber:

Get Personalized Custom Subdomains

AWeber allows you to customize your landing page URLs for all new and existing landing pages. This boosts your conversion rate as the link looks recognizable to the users.

Exciting Landing Page Templates

If designing a landing page has always given you jitters, AWeber provides a library of ready-to-use email templates.

Horizontal Forms

If you want to do away with vertical forms, AWeber also provides you with the option to add a horizontal image. This delivers more flexibility in terms of displaying sign-ups that best go with the design of your landing page. 

Read our full AWeber Review!
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How To Create Optimised Landing Pages Using Aweber 

Building good landing pages requires attention to detail and a good understanding of content design. You need well-tested templates to ensure that everything is in place and your message never gets lost on your customer. 

Here are the steps to create landing pages with AWeber: 

Create a page - Landing pages AWeber

1. Click on the Landing Pages Tab > Create a Landing Page 

templates - Landing pages AWeber

2. Choose the template from the extensive list of templates provided 

name - Landing pages AWeber

The page will navigate to the Landing Page Builder. Enter the name of your landing page on the corresponding field. Make sure to give a meaningful name that helps with better organization. As you will be using multiple landing pages for varying purposes, it is important to track them properly. 

drag and drop - Landing pages AWeber

You can now use the Drag And Drop Editor to build your landing pages. The page elements can be found on the left page of the editor. To include a desired page element, drag it and drop it onto the workspace. AWeber provides several page blocks such as image, Text, Video, Button, Form, Social, Dividers, and more that you can effectively use to design a landing page exactly the way you want. 

add images - Landing pages AWeber

You can move and edit the content of the page blocks by clicking on them and using the controls to customize. 

You can also find additional customization options on the right pane under Page Properties > Design. To preview your customizations, click on Preview

save - Landing pages AWeber

3. Click on Save & Exit to save your changes. 

publish - Landing pages AWeber

To make your landing pages go live, click on Publish on the particular landing page from the landing page list under the Landing Pages section of your account. (Landing Pages Section > Landing Page List > Select Landing Page> Click on Publish.

mobile - Landing pages AWeber

AWeber also allows you to preview the mobile version of your landing page before you finalize it. If you need to make any changes, just click Edit, and you will be redirected back to your landing page builder. 

Wrapping Up

The landing page plays an important role in determining the success of your email marketing campaign. No matter how high the open rate of your emails is, if your users do not take the desired action or do not convert well, the entire campaign is rendered useless. 

This is when AWeber helps you out with its exciting range of features, including custom subdomains, exciting templates, adding a checklist, adding horizontal forms, design options including margin, drop shadows, color background, and more. To learn more about the platform, check our detailed AWeber review here.

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