35 Remarkable Hybrid Event Statistics (2022 Research)

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We have partnered up with the event organizers network of Markletic and conducted thorough research on hybrid events.

The research was done through a questionnaire with over 3000 respondents that resulted in 35 remarkable hybrid event statistics.

We have categorized the statistics into the following categories:

  • Hybrid event challenges
  • Hybrid event success & ROI
  • Outlook and predictions
  • Hybrid events and enterprise organizations
  • Hybrid events and SMBs

Geographical coverage of the respondents

  • North America: 56%
  • Europe: 25%
  • Asia: 10%
  • South America: 9%

Let’s dive right into the conclusion of our research.

Hybrid Event Challenges

Below are a few hybrid event statistics related to the challenges that companies face when hosting hybrid events.

  1. 71.1% of event organizers say that connecting the in-person and virtual audience is their biggest challenge.
  2. 67% of event organizers state that technology to ensure a smooth experience is a challenge or concern.
  3. 35% of event organizers say that finding the right venue to host a hybrid event is a challenge.
  4. 32.9% of event organizers state that they’ve experienced connectivity issues during a hybrid event. However, only 12% state that they’d arrange back-up internet connections.
  5. 46% of event organizers say that speakers had difficulties engaging a virtual and in-person audience simultaneously.
  6. 39% of people who attended hybrid events virtually state that they felt not included in the event.
  7. 49% of event organizers stated that they faced difficulties with scheduling the event for an international audience with multiple time zones.
  8. 38% of event organizers say that it takes more preparation time to host a hybrid event compared to hosting a dedicated in-person or virtual event.

Hybrid Event Success & ROI

Below are some hybrid event statistics related to some of the success factors of events. It shows when organizations consider a hybrid event a success. We also analyzed how long it takes for companies to see a positive return on investment.

  1. 86% of B2B organizations see a positive ROI of their hybrid events 7 months after the event date.
How long does it take to see a positive hybrid event ROI in B2B-Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. 81% of event organizers say that networking capabilities are a key contributor to audience satisfaction of hybrid events.
  2. 47% of event organizers say that hybrid events are a solution in connecting internationally dispersed audiences.
  3. 89% of event organizers measure the success of their hybrid events by attendee satisfaction.
  4. 23% of event organizers use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure hybrid event success.
  5. 94% of B2B event organizers use “pipeline generated” as their key success metric.
  6. 45% of B2B organizers state that they aim for a 3x ROI one-year post-event.
  7. 34% of B2B organizations say that opportunity acceleration is a key success metric.
  8. 66% of event organizers state that live sessions contribute to higher audience engagement and overall event success. 
  9. 88% of respondents use surveys to measure attendee satisfaction.

Hybrid event outlook and predictions

Naturally, it’s always interesting to get a glimpse into what the future holds. Below, some hybrid event statistics regarding the future of hybrid events, and predictions.

  1. 34% of event organizers expect to invest more in hybrid events in the next few years.
  2. 21% of marketers say they are procuring a hybrid event platform.
  3. 57% of respondents say they would rather attend an in-person version of a hybrid event than the virtual version.
Would you prefer to attend an in-person or virtual event-Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. 72% of respondents believe they will get more value out of attending a hybrid event in-person.
  2. 34% of marketers say that they will add hybrid events to their event portfolio in the near future.
  3. 25% of respondents state they will host between 5-10 hybrid events per year.

Hybrid Events and Enterprise Organizations

  1. 63% of companies with 2000-5000 employees included hybrid events in their event portfolio.
  2. 71% of organizations with 5000+ employees have hybrid events in their portfolio. This indicates that larger companies are more likely to host hybrid events.
Are Hybrid Events included in your event portfolio- Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. 38% of enterprise organizations say that costs related to the venue, audio & video, and branding are the biggest hybrid event expense.
  2. 29% of enterprise organizations say that the virtual event platform and technology is the biggest expense.
What's the most expensive element of hosting hybrid events with 100+ attendees - Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. At enterprise organizations, field marketing teams are most often responsible for hosting hybrid events.
  2. 32% of enterprise organizations that their global events team primarily host hybrid events. This is typical for large user conferences. 
Which team is primarily responsible for hosting hybrid events - Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. At enterprise level hybrid events, 59% of attendees join the in-person version of the hybrid event.

Hybrid Events and Small to Medium Businesses

  1. On average, small to medium businesses welcome 10-20 people to hybrid events. This is a typical amount for workshops or training.
  2. 25% of small to medium businesses say that on average, they have between 20-50 hybrid event attendees.
On average, how many people attend your hybrid events - Hybrid Event Statistics
  1. For SMBs, on average, 56% of attendees join the in-person event and 44% attend the virtual version of a hybrid event.
  2. Smaller companies on average host 35% fewer hybrid events than medium-sized businesses.


Hybrid events seem to have a promising future and play a role at most companies in some shape or form. The technology of hybrid events is advancing rapidly due to market disruptions and I’m personally very excited to see what the future holds.

If you’re doing research regarding virtual events, we have also published an article that concludes thorough research in a list of 60+ virtual event statistics

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