Ten Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your PPC Campaigns 

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Outsourcing involves hiring an outside party (agency or individual) to perform services that the business’s employees originally carried out. 

Many businesses hire third parties to carry out specific duties for their organizations. For example, a company might need the services of a social media manager because they lack one.

Pay-per-click or PPC campaigns are one of the services outsourced by companies. It is a type of digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads gets clicked. PPC is common on platforms like Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, etc. 

Pay-per-click advertisements help to increase business revenue. However, most companies do not know how to utilize it and lose out instead of gaining from the ads.

But, by outsourcing PPC campaigns to a professional agency, you will get the expected results. This article highlights the pros and cons of outsourcing your PPC campaigns.

Pros of outsourcing your PPC campaigns 

Outsourcing has several benefits, and hiring a PPC agency for your campaign will undoubtedly boost your marketing strategy.

1. Expertise and experience

One of the ways to become the best in your industry is by having a superior marketing strategy and team. PPC ad agencies offer a high level of experience and expertise. In addition, these agencies or companies have current information on PPC trends, changes, techniques, etc.

PPC agencies have worked in the industry for several years, and they have experience in what works and what doesn’t. Also, they hire people with the right skills and experience level to boost marketing campaigns.

A pay-per-click agency knows procedures like implementing conversion-tracking codes, launching new landing pages, split testing, etc. You could also hire a freelance PPC expert to help with your campaigns. Before choosing the best freelancer for the job, test the individual to determine their level of expertise.

TestGorilla provides a template for PPC advertising skill testing. The quiz evaluates candidates’ skills in pay-per-click advertising. It covers planning, activating, and optimizing paid ad campaigns. 

The agency or freelancer should have factual knowledge of the aspects of PPC. In addition, they should have hands-on or practical knowledge on the various techniques that work best when running a PPC campaign. 

When selecting the PPC agency, look for its Google Partner or Google Premier Partner Badge. This badge certifies that the agency is an expert in using one of the most prominent platforms for running PPC campaigns ― Google Ads.

2. Fast and reliable results

There is nothing more exciting than seeing quick results with your marketing strategies. However, if you decide to run the PPC campaign instead of outsourcing to an agency with in-depth knowledge on PPC, it may take longer for you to get the desired outcomes. The longer it takes, the more money and time you spend.

A PPC agency knows what to do, when, and how to implement it. So they immediately get to work, leading to faster results. 

A small mistake in your marketing strategy could result in severe damage to your company. But outsourcing your pay-per-click campaign to an agency reduces the chances of things going wrong. This is because PPC agencies know how to minimize the possibilities of errors. 

After the ad campaign, use report templates to track the metrics and success rate. It will help determine where to improve, making the results even more accurate and reliable. 

3. Cost-effective 

One of the significant benefits of outsourcing is its cost-effectiveness. Although initially, outsourcing requires a financial investment. However, in the long run, there are several economic benefits.

PPC agencies will help streamline your marketing efforts and ensure that everything goes well from start to finish. Also, these companies manage your campaign for revenue maximization and to have a high return on investment (ROI).

When you handle PPC campaigns alone, there is a high probability of making mistakes, which costs money. So, instead of gaining revenue for your business, you will end up losing. However, working with a PPC agency alleviates this problem.

Additionally, outsourcing will always be cheaper than hiring permanent or full-time staff. This is because you will cut down on the cost of recruitment and paying workers’ benefits.

4. Better time management

Marketing is just one of the many aspects of a business. Although PPC is a valuable advertising tool, it can be very time-consuming. Digital marketing is constantly changing, and while focusing on your strategy, you may miss the trends.

You might neglect the other essential areas needed to achieve your business goals and objectives. So, there should be a balance. Outsourcing pay-per-click campaigns to an agency is a great way to do this.

Also, it could go the other way. That is, you might be so busy running the company that you fail to focus on the PPC campaign because your business doesn’t revolve around pay-per-click ads. The reverse is the case with PPC agencies; their business revolves around PPC, and they have enough time to run campaigns. 

If you decide to keep the PPC ads in-house, you may not have enough time to dedicate to it. Therefore, the best option is outsourcing to an agency.

5. Bigger workforce

When you outsource, there are more people working to make your campaign a huge success. For example, there is an entire team working on your adverts. But if you choose in-house, you might have just a single person on the job.

Having one person handling the bulk of your PPC campaigns is risky as it can lead to several errors and low-quality outcomes. On the other hand, you have access to different perspectives with more staff, strengthening your PPC drive.

6. Ready-to-use resources and tools

Various tools and resources help businesses with their PPC campaigns and outsourcing your pay-per-click ad gives you access to them. For instance, you must analyze the campaign results to improve on them. Having the right tools makes the analysis more effective.

Although you can get these PPC programs on your own, it is not advisable because most of them are advanced, and you might be unable to use them. So, hire an agency with access to these tools and can effectively utilize them.

7. No learning curve

Handling your PPC campaign yourself means learning how it works and how to operate the various tools. You will most certainly spend a lot of time figuring out what to do and how to do it, delaying results.

But when you hand it over to an expert, who already knows everything about PPC, you will skip this learning curve and may start seeing results immediately.

Cons of outsourcing your PPC campaigns

Despite the numerous benefits you can get from outsourcing PPC campaigns to agencies, there are a few demerits. Below are some of them.

1. Inconvenience

One major problem with outsourcing is its inconvenience. Many businesses would rather train their employees in-house than hire a PPC agency. When you have an employee with PPC experience, you can ask questions freely, make the necessary changes, and communicate easier and quicker. 

Also, because these PPC agencies have several clients, they will not just drop them to assist you at a moment’s notice. As a result, it may take a while before they can attend to your concerns, making it problematic to deal with them.

2. Risks

Most business decisions come with risks, and outsourcing your ad campaigns to digital marketing agencies is one. When hiring an agency for your pay-per-click ads, there is the possibility of falling into the hands of a bad PPC company. This could lead to severe damage to your business, which will cost money. 

Other risks related to outsourcing can come from security issues. When you outsource, you give the agency a lot of information about your business. These pieces of information could get leaked to competitors or unscrupulous people.

Another significant risk you might face is the case of miscommunication. No matter the video conferencing tool used to communicate with the agency, there could still be instances of miscommunication. These could then lead to mistakes, which might reduce the efficiency of your campaign.

3. Loss of control

This is one of the most significant concerns regarding outsourcing to marketing agencies. When you give a project to a company, you let go of a considerable percentage of control you will have had if you left it in-house. 

This loss of control becomes worse if the agency is far away from your business. The geographical limitations will not allow you to give your input as much as you would have loved.


Pay-per-click campaigns are great digital marketing strategies that drive traffic to your business’s website. But you will only get great results if you execute the campaign excellently. This article has highlighted the pros and cons of outsourcing your PPC campaign to third parties.

Outsourcing gives you excellence and expertise, faster results, better time management, a bigger workplace, and ready-to-use tools. It is also great for saving costs and requires no learning curve. However, there are risks involved, it is inconvenient, and you may lose some control.

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