These 11 B2B marketing tools are carefully selected according to the buyer’s journey. You need B2B Marketing Tools for every phase of the buyer's journey to be successful.


  • 0:00 - B2B (Digital) Marketing Tools
  • 3:13 - Marketo, Acquisition Tool
  • 5:01 - Semrush, Acquisition Tool
  • 6:28 - Engagio, Acquisition Tool
  • 7:32 - Userlane, Activation Tool
  • 8:16 - Sprout Social, Acquisition Tool
  • 9:33 - Hotjar, Retention Tool
  • 10:27 - OneSignal, Retention Tool
  • 11:38 - Drift, Revenue Tool
  • 12:32 - Zoom, Revenue Tool
  • 13:58 - Outreach Plus, Referral Tool
  • 14:49 - Hunter, Referral Tool

In this video, I reference the AARRR framework, which stands for: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. The tools selected in this video fall in these categories.

With the right B2B (digital) marketing tools, your marketing engine works at maximum efficiency. If all your tools are focused on user acquisition, then you won’t convert those leads effectively. 

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Ricky is the founder of Markletic. He's an expert in B2B Marketing and Demand Generation strategies that drive rapid revenue growth for companies. Ricky has been leading marketing teams at global tech companies for 5+ years.