How to use Medium to drive Traffic to your Website

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Let’s face it, it is hard to drive traffic to your website. Especially if you have created a new website. Fortunately, there are ways which smart marketers can use to drive traffic. In this post, I’ll explain how to use Medium to drive traffic to your website.

What is Medium?

Before you can use Medium to drive traffic to your website, you need to know what Medium is all about.

Medium is a blogging platform launched in 2012. Since its incubation, Medium has been categorized as an online magazine and blogging platform among other things. The fact of the matter is that Medium has disrupted the personal publishing market. The market share of Medium has grown significantly over the years.

Medium was conceived for individuals like you and me to publish content online. However, more and more organization are using Medium as a tool to drive traffic to their websites. Ranging from startups to enterprise organization, the corporate world is smartly using Medium as another way to deliver content in front of their target audiences.

Focus on quality

Before you start publishing on Medium, you need to know what sets it apart from other media websites and blog platforms. Medium is built to reward contributors for quality content rather than the popularity of its writers. Anyone could start writing on Medium, but that doesn’t mean that your posts will become popular. You need to deliver high-quality content to be noticed. Behind the scenes, Medium works hard to deliver quality content through advanced algorithms to relevant readers.

If you are going to be using Medium as a tool to drive traffic towards your website, then first sit down and develop your strategy. Shooting from the hip won’t work.

In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to use Medium to drive traffic to your website. You can these tips to add Medium to your demand generation strategy.

How to use Medium to drive traffic to your website

There are several options to generate small amounts of traffic to your website. However, if you combine the forces of all those small options, then you’ll be able to use Medium to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

You need to have an integrated strategy.

1. Republishing your content on Medium

Medium has a super neat feature which allows you to import stories into the Medium platform. After you have created a post on your website, you can import your post to Medium. People often call this republishing to Medium.

This is super simple to do and it will take you a couple of minutes at most!

Just create an account on Medium and complete your profile. Once you’ve done that, click on your picture and then on “Stories” as shown in the screenshot below.

Import a story on Medium

Now all you have to do is click on “import a story” and paste the URL of your post!

Be sure to check that all the formatting is correct before publishing!

Import a story on Medium

Take advantage of the untapped potential

People that are currently visiting your website represent a tiny fraction of your total target audience. There is enormous untapped potential out there. You need to analyze where your target audience is consuming content on the internet.

Medium is one of the hottest content platforms out there today. Your target audience is reading posts on Medium. As mentioned earlier, Medium does a lot of things in the background to promote quality content to its readers. For good reasons, every website owner only wants to provide the best quality to its readers and keep them satisfied.

This means that Medium has a great business model. People are visiting Medium because they know it will be high-quality content, and people publish on Medium because they know their target audience is on Medium.

As a smart marketer, it is your job to leverage that and using Medium to drive traffic to your website. Sometimes marketers think that creating more content has a direct effect on website traffic. Meaning that if you would create more content, you automatically get more visitors.

Creating content does get your more visitors if your SEO strategy is fantastic, but actually, you should spend 20% of your time creating content. The other 80% of your time should be devoted to promoting your content.

When republishing your content on Medium, make sure to link back to your website. Also, make sure to use UTM codes to track traffic coming from Medium.

This strategy works very well in the SaaS market. Here are other tips to achieve incredible SaaS marketing growth.

2. Engaging with Medium influencers

In every business, building valuable relationships is essential. Loads of influencers in every industry are posting on Medium. Those people will have a lot of subscribers and people consuming their content.

Building valuable relationships is an integral part of almost every business.

Relationship building is also essential if you want to use Medium to drive traffic to your website. Loads of influencers in every industry are posting on the platform every day. Those people have a lot of subscribers and people consuming their content.

You can leverage this by creating lasting relationships with these people. My tip is to identify top influencers in your industry and make it a goal to develop professional relationships with them.

Just like in a love relationship, in business relationships, it is also essential to give and take. If people notice that you are just being a leech, then you are not going to build relationships with influencers. It has to be meaningful. Influencers are often at B2B events, this is a unique chance to build relationships.

Commenting on articles on Medium

A way to get started is by reading some posts of some of your identified influencers and give detailed comments about their work. The key here is detailed comments. Comments such as “great post, keep up the good work.” have no value in building a relationship.

In your comments, give them tips, link to articles that could be beneficial to them. At an early stage of building relationships, you will be doing more giving than receiving.

Engaging in social media activities

Another method is to share their content on social media. They will soon notice that you are sharing content and you will be on their radar. Getting on the radar of an influencer can be considered a small success already!

Social media can also be used to reach out to those influencers. Send them relevant tweets with tips and tricks, for example.

After building a successful relationship with influencers, you could co-create articles and now your reach is suddenly much more significant. This means more traffic to your websites!

Why Google Won’t Penalize You for Duplicate Content

When you were reading the paragraph about republishing content on Medium, you might have been wondering what Google thinks of this.

That is a valid concern. After all, we all know that it is not right to have duplicate content across the web and that usually, Google penalizes this. Nobody wants that!

Medium is a massive platform and they’ve got all the bases covered. When republishing content on Medium, Medium automatically adds a canonical tag. This means that Medium is telling Google that the content posted on your website is the original version. This means that search engines are pointed towards your website and that you won’t receive a penalty.

Some final thoughts

Building relationships and driving traffic to your website through demand generation strategies explained in this post take time. Success is not going to happen overnight. It will take a lot of hard work and effort. Make sure that you are consistent with your efforts and soon enough you’ll be reaping the benefits. Using Medium to drive traffic, is definitely a great growth hacking strategy.

The next time you write a post, set a timer for yourself. The time you spend creating the content represents 20% of your efforts. Now it is time to get to work and use the remaining 80% of your time to promote your new post!

How To Use Medium To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Written by:
Ricky Wolff
Ricky's North Star is growth. He is the founder of Markletic, a blog about growth hacking and demand generation in marketing.
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6 thoughts on “How to use Medium to drive Traffic to your Website”

  1. Hi Ricky, nice article! If I republish my content in my medium stories, wouldnt that be tagged by Google as a duplicate content?

    1. Hey Erin,

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.

      When you import a story on Medium, Medium will add a canonical tag. In other words, Medium tells Google that your content is the original version. This means that Google won’t penalize you for duplicate content. Let me know if you need help importing stories on Medium.


    1. Hey,

      Reposting your content to Medium is definitely great for SEO. When importing articles, Medium automatically adds a canonical tag. Especially when your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, this is great.

      Your new content is more likely to get noticed on Medium than on your own website. If you create quality content, people will start backlinking to your Medium article. The canonical tag will pass over that link juice to your own website and therefore good for SEO.

      Reposting on Medium should be part of your off-site SEO strategy.

      Good luck!

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