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Without social media, there is no business in today’s era. There are millions of social media promotions running across the world that helps business owners to grow their business. Social media helps us to reach far and more. If you are one of them, you need a little patience and strong marketing skills for playing with your competitors in this crowd. And to win this game you need to focus on your social media marketing strategy. 

From introducing your product/services to spread promotions on social media, you have to ensure your presence on every platform where you think your audience is waiting for you. For these reasons, social media is known as a less expensive & effective medium to grab large and targeted active audiences. 

When it comes to promoting your products/services or running social media promotions, you’ll have to deal with a tough time with your competitors, or maybe you’ll have good experience with that, or maybe you get frustrated with these activities that do not deliver the desired results. We all are on the same boat and want some extra for our business. Let’s roll with some basic steps before doing social media promotions for your product/services.

What Steps You Should Take Before Starting Social Media Promotions!

1. Set the goal of your promotional campaigns 

Once you decide to start the social media promotions, you have to align your vision that approaches your business goals. Obviously, if you want to run promotional campaigns, you may have these reasons like to grab your audience (if you are new in the market) or increase sales, etc. If these are your reasons, stay on that and perform the relevant activities on social media. 

2. Prepare content for your promotional post

Don’t waste paragraphs in long blogs, if you have social media to promote your promotions. There are various social media channels and there are some limitations you should keep in mind before preparing content. You have to prepare your promotional content related to each platform because you need a different tone of your message in different platforms.

3. Prioritize social channel for promoting your product

Have a look around yourself, you find various channels to start with. But it depends on your audience where they are. Let’s have a look at some major platforms where you should be present.

Facebook: with over 1.3 billion active users, you can reach your targeted audience and make them aware of your products and services. Images, short videos, with attractive content will be a plus point to grab your customers. Various brands now focus on making stories on Facebook that make a good impression of your brand. 

Instagram: Instagram itself popular for creatives, and videos. If you want to take over, you have to work on the visualization of your products/services. And the content should be included with relevant hashtags, that make your product visible to your targeted audience. Make your Insta account more active as they have 1.16 billion users and you can find your own too. 

Twitter: if you want to be present in front of millions of people, use Twitter and firstly, follow influencers, which helps you to give a large audience and brand recognition. Whatever you post on Twitter, it makes a piece of news for others. But Twitter has its own limitation for word count, and also media elements make your Tweet more visible in the crowd. 

LinkedIn: this platform is the hub of professionals where you can easily find your target B2C & B2B partnership for your products. It needs formal content with related media elements to capture the audience for your promotional campaigns. It has 260 million active users monthly. 

WhatsApp: Be more personalized with your prospects & increase the rate of engagements on your promotions, there is a WhatsApp for you. Now, you can easily approach your audience on WhatsApp because it is a part of marketing now, and people are more likely to open your promotional message on WhatsApp. The average WhatsApp SMS open rate is approx 98% that makes this channel more engaging around the world.

4. Pre-announcement of your promotion

Make your viewers curious to know what you bring next. Announce your promotion highlights or some mystified post that makes your audience eager to know about the news. Social media promotions work if you re-share your post or you can post in relevant groups. 

5. Gather partners to bring more traffic

Plan some partnership activities to bring more traffic to your site. Sending your social media promotions to your partners, and asking them to share them on their social profiles. There is a collaboration and it has no harm if they ask some favor in return. 

For example, if you want to run a Black Friday promotional campaign, you can make a partnership page where you can post your partner’s deal along with yours. And announce this activity as your social media promotions by tagging the other partner companies. Or you can simply ask on social media to grab this opportunity to be featured on your landing pages or via social sharing.

Source: Botsify

6. Make attractive creative of your offers

If you fail to convey your message through creatives, there is no means of your content. Make some relevant images for your social media promotions that help your audience to stay long. It says that images and videos can help engage your customers more often.

7. Set up a content calendar and the best time

Prepare a calendar that helps you to give a direction that can increase your reach. If you reach your customer in the meantime, you can simply add new customers to your list. It is important to post your promotions at the time when you observe that your audience cannot skip at first glance. Have a look at the best time to post on major channels.

Source: Entrepreneur

Jaw-Drop Ideas for Social Media Promotions 

If you are looking for great ideas that work for your social media promotions, then you are in the right place. Take a look at these social media promotion ideas!

1. Run Attractive Ad Campaign for Your Promotions

I know this is a basic hack and marketers using it in their social media marketing strategy. But are they doing in the right direction? Firstly, you have to prioritize where you should run the ad promotion, which channel you can see the most crowded in terms of your targeted audience, and what content you should need to make your ad attractive. 

If you keep these main points in your mind, you conquer a large audience and high ROI for your business. A powerful CTA on your ad is a must-have button that can bring your customers to the last stage of your sales funnel. You can integrate a chatbot on your ads that bring your customers on the messenger and make a way to acquire them anytime/anywhere with 24/7 availability.

2. Revolve Your Promos on Social Media Channels

Once in life or more, you must buy a product just because companies offer discounts and different promotions on their products. If you want the same from your audience, don’t wait to send discount offers on their way. You can simplify your sales funnel by preparing social media promotion strategy within the production budget.

You make sure of your presence by announcing your discounts and giveaways on all your social channels. I am pretty sure, thousands of people are waiting for your discounts. Also, you can send emails to your trial users, so they can think about buying your product in less amounts. 

3. Connect Your Channel with Chat Automation

Social media without automation can be a burden for you. Let’s make it more personalized and real-time performing action via chat automation. Once a user sees the promotion post or ads, they probably want to know more, you have to be attentive 24/7 to give assistance to your prospects. 

Why not embedding chatbot for social media promotions? A chatbot is easy to talk to and available 24/7/365 to assist your prospects without taking a nap. So, are you ready to sleep well? You can integrate a Facebook Messenger chatbot to grab your customers from Facebook ads. With a chatbot, you can create conversational promotion forms and can collect the leads from it, and bring more customers to your promotional campaigns. Also, to provide a personalized experience you can redirect the chatbot with WhatsApp. So, this time you can surely try the best chatbot platform because it is worth it.

4. Start Contest and Giveaways to Engage Viewers

Giveaways are more likely to work in gathering an audience, just one call and you can find a crowd on your social media post. But giveaway on what? If you want to make your customers perform your desired action, then it can happen by just sending a gift on their way. 

For example, if you want to generate leads, you can simply ask them to enter their email address and get a free resource on fashion guides. You can also ask them to like, share, and tag other people to increase your page number and in return, you can give a free trial of your platform. You can offer a free/discounted voucher or a cup of coffee in their favorite restaurant. 

5. Share Your Personal Hashtags

Hashtag-a trend to make your brand easy to find for your customers. If you are running promotional content on social media, you can use hashtags to enhance your advertising strategy. You can easily appear in relevant searches and in suggestions. Using a hashtag is no more expensive or a big task. As it says that, Tweets that contain hashtags bring 2x more engagement than those without hashtags. Like Twitter and Instagram are the hubs of hashtag marketing, you have to be active on both channels once you start promotional campaigns.

You just carefully create your hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your social media promotion content. Keep them memorable and short and also, you can set the emoji as well. For example, Samsung uses their hashtags “#TheNextGalaxy” to refer to the upcoming project for their customers.   

6. Use Social Media Management Tool & Schedule

If you are not using automation to elevate your sales & marketing activities, your competitors may win. On social media promotional campaigns, you have to up to date your profile and continuous posting of your promotions in real-time. It’ll be hectic if you are sitting on the chair and post your content by yourself.  It is time-consuming because you have more things to do!

That’s why I suggest to you the cost-effective and no time-consuming step. Social media management tools can help you out to schedule your posts and automatically share them on your wall once you set your desired time. There are many social media tools to take care of your social media postings and help organize your social media promotion activity. Consequently, you can get more customers and profit from your promotional campaign.

7. Introduce Referral Program to Get More Audience

Social media is a platform where every second person gets crazy about the trend. If your company comes up with a new promotional idea, you can be known as a trendsetter. Like people love to set the trends and try new things to be viral there. If you could ask them to post pictures and tag their squad, they try hard to win the contest by tagging their friends.

Same as if you launch the referral program, you can easily grab more audience who want to connect with your brand. It is not only for promotion but people would love & trust your brand because they trust in their beloveds’ mouth of words. You can indirectly earn more people on social media promotion campaigns. They will connect with you for the long run and also can be your potential customers in the future. 

Wrapping up!

Social media is a big platform and gives more opportunities to showcase your brand and make a clear path to reach out to your customers. Either you want to run your social media promotion campaign, a customer survey program, or just make a good profile for your customer visit, it is no more difficult even for small businesses. 

Grab your customers to make your profile attractive and flourish by giving a boost with customized social media promotional campaigns, customized survey forms, and other activities. You can find one of the best platforms with the finest and interactive promotional campaigns that help you to bring more prospects, a high conversion rate,s and ultimately generate more profit for your business growth.

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